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Printing text, patterns, or images on a Woodblock Printing is popular throughout East Asia. This technique originated in China. In some of the wooden blocks, geometrical and spiral patterns are carved. Such wooden block prints can be used on paper, clay, fabric, and pottery. They can also be used to make the temporary tattoo as well as used as drawer knobs. This is also one of the gift ideas for your friends if your friends like decorating their houses and dresses by themselves. The wooden printing block stamp is also available in the market. These are handcrafted and usually come in the size of 4 * 4 inc. Rosewood is being used to make these stamps. It comes in different colors like brown and black. The design on stamps can be of animals like peacock and elephant.

The traditional pattern of peahen and peacock wooden printing block for printing is also very renowned and people often purchase such patterns. It usually comes in a set of 6 different patterns of peahen and peacock.  This is one of the creative handicraft gift ideas. The Woodblock Printing blocks come in the superior quality of rosewood. These easy to use stamps are often used to decorate home. These beautiful designs are extensively used s papercraft prints, fabric printing blocks, Mehendi pattern blocks, canvas printing blocks, scrapbooking tools, wedding invitation cards as well as wallpaper, and many more.

It is very important to keep oneself engaged and utilize the spare time enjoying your hobbies and doing something creative. It also helps in distressing and releasing tension. You can use these wooden printing blocks to creatively re-design your fabrics, make interesting tattoos, and have many more such DIY home décor activities with these amazing and spectacular wooden printing blocks. 

You can even use them to redesign your bedsheets, table linen, or any fabric. If you are planning to buy a new cushion cover, curtain, table cover for this christmas or New Year then wait and think to redesign the old one with the help of wooden printing blocks and give them a new and fresh look. This way you can give your cushion cover, table-cover, curtains a personal touch, and these designs will stand out and give a unique look to your home décor. Your guests will get amazed and surprised after looking at the unique decoration of your house and this is also very economical.


For printing using blocks, you need very few supplies apart from the wooden blocks in your favorite design. You need to use the ink pad, dyes, etc., along with the required cloth to ensure the best print. If you are using fabric, use a fabric ink pad along with a small linoleum block. When you open the ink pad, dab the block into the ink and press on the desired surface. Exert sufficient pressure to ensure that the design is evenly distributed. Traditional methods use a small line of ink on the fabric and then use it to get desired results.

woodblocks came into existence in 220 AD in China. Gradually, it started to come in use all across the world. It was used to print on silk, other fabric materials, paper, etc. A lot of religious texts were printed using wooden blocks. Today, these printing blocks are used to create lovely designs and prints on high-quality fabrics. Bedsheets, apparels, and many other materials are printed using printed blocks.

Woodblock printing came into existence in 220 AD in China. Initially, it started with printing on materials like Silk and many other fabric materials. In 650 AD printing on paper began. Pictures or words were carved on the blocks, dipped into ink and imprinted on chosen materials. After some time, the use of wooden printing blocks increased and spread across the world. A lot of religious texts were printed using these blocks. It is believed that the designs made using these bocks were responsible for the spread of Buddhism in the world to an extent.

The printing woodblocks are used by trained and talented artisans for decorating textiles in impressive designs. The size and design of these blocks may vary greatly depending on the pattern that has to be created on the chosen surface. Natural colours are predominantly used to dip the blocks into and create designs on various fabrics. Some of the common colours used are red, saffron, green, blue, yellow, etc. Artisans in states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, West Bengal and more make use of these wooden blocks to come up with amazingly printed fabrics and materials.

woodblocks are used in several art forms. It is particularly used in Rajasthan to create lovely textiles printed with impressive designs. Some of the most popular art forms that make use of wooden printing blocks are Sanganeri print, Bagru print, Barmeri print and more. It is also used in Gujarat to make Sodagiri prints. Ajrakh printing is also quite in vogue. Natural colours are used by talented artisans to create lovely designs on high-quality fabrics. woodblocks printing are also used by Chhimba in Punjab to create lovely designs. Block printing art is also used in several other parts of India.

woodblocks printing are easily available at many online and offline art and craft and handicraft stores. Look for a reputed and reliable store where you can find a comprehensive range of wooden block options to make a suitable choice. You will find a lot of designs that include floral, geometric, relief, animals, birds, and more. Choose something that is suitable and create lovely prints on your chosen surface. Companies like Indianshelf provides an exciting range of wooden blocks in a veritable choice of patterns, colours, and designs. Available at cost-effective rates, these blocks will help you create a lovely-designed surface.

It is important to clean the wooden blocks properly. Failing to do so may result in termite infestation. Clean your wooden blocks after every use, leave them to dry and then store inboxes. Take a bucket filled with water and dip your wooden blocks in it for cleaning. Leave them in water for at least five minutes. Take them out and use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub them. Ensure that the scrubbing is gentle, and it does not harm the delicate pattern on the wooden block. After scrubbing, dip them again in clean water, take them out, and allow them to dry before storing them.

The wooden printing blocks are carved out of wood. These blocks are dipped into the premium quality printable ink and then imprinted on the chosen material. It is majorly used on fabrics. The blocks have a beautiful and impressive design which when dipped in ink and imprinted on the surface of any material creates lovely designs. When stamped on the surface, it is essential that the block is completely in contact with the surface. This way, the complete design will be imprinted with no change in its shade or colour clarity. Choose high-quality wooden printing blocks with lovely designs.