Brass Towel Hanger With Bird Figurine

  • $ 61.20$ 68.00
  • 57 In Stock

Brass Bird Sitting On Branch Hook

  • $ 28.80$ 32.00
  • 120 In Stock

Brass Duck Framed Single Wall Hook

  • $ 10.03$ 11.14
  • 130 In Stock

Brass Star Framed Single Wall Hook

  • $ 10.03$ 11.14
  • 132 In Stock

Brass Squirrel Framed Single Wall Hook

  • $ 10.03$ 11.14
  • 170 In Stock

Brass Sea Shell Framed Single Wall Hook

  • $ 10.03$ 11.14
  • 117 In Stock

Brass Deer Framed Single Wall Hook

  • $ 10.03$ 11.14
  • 152 In Stock

Laughing Buddha Brass Wall Hook

  • $ 10.60$ 11.78
  • INF In Stock

Brass Giraffe Head Single Wall Hook

  • $ 21.60$ 24.00
  • 35 In Stock

Black Floral And Heart Pattern Iron Hook

  • $ 6.29$ 6.99
  • 280 In Stock

J Single Brass Hook In Golden Finish

  • $ 18.90$ 21.00
  • 73 In Stock

White Melon Ceramic Wall Hook

  • $ 7.19$ 7.99
  • 275 In Stock

Orange Melon Ceramic Wall Hook

  • $ 7.19$ 7.99
  • 205 In Stock

Turquoise Melon Ceramic Wall Hook

  • $ 7.19$ 7.99
  • 205 In Stock

Many online and offline stores offer wall hooks for sale. Find a store that sells wall hooks suited to your requirement and the decor theme of your home. Ensure that the seller has good reviews. Check if the seller provides you with accessories like pins and screws to install the wall hanger. Shopping from a store that offers good discounts is a plus.

Wall hooks can hold teacups, coffee mugs, cloths, hand towels, keys, lightweight coats, and umbrellas. Wall hooks can double as decor items on themed walls too. They can also be used as small and decorative climbers placed within pots. Wall hooks can be used to hang most household items that aren't too heavy.

Get a drilling machine to drill the wall hooks into the wall. Find a drill bit that matches the size of the expansion tube provided. Drill a hole into the wall and push the expansion tube gently using a hammer. Remove any excess expansion tube protruding out of the wall for a smooth finish. Next, place the wall hooks on the wall and push the screws inside. Use a hammer or a screwdriver to further push the screws inside the wall for a firm hold.

You can use wall hooks to hold keys, coffee mugs, teacups, hand towels, cloths, lightweight coats, small umbrellas, etc. Fancy wall hooks can look like attractive wall decor by themselves. Do not hang wet items on the hooks and keep them dry always. Clean using a soft dry cloth every once in a while. They can also be used to hoist lightweight climber plants placed within pots attached to hooks.

Wet the adhesive tape of the wall hook first using water. Try to remove the wall hook as gently as possible without scraping off too much paint or damaging the wall. Use a thin blade or a putty knife to remove the adhesive tape off the wall. Gently push the blade between the wall and the tape and keep pushing the blade further until the hook comes off completely.

First, get your drilling machine and a drill bit the size of the expansion tube. Mark the spot(s) where you would drill the wall hook into. Drill into the wall slowly and push the expansion tube using a hammer gently. Cut any excess expansion tube protruding out of the wall for a smooth surface. Then, push the wall hanger with screws gently into the expansion tube. Tap using a hammer gently to push the screws completely inside. Check if the hook is mounted firmly.