Do you want to give a bubbly touch to your home in simple steps? If yes, then you must explore this magnificent glass bubble knob. The lovely and pretty teeny-weeny burbling bubbles which are filled inside these knobs give the knobs a splendid look. The knobs will give you the feel of ancient glasswork technique which was popularly known as the bubble trap and it will take you back to the old and golden days. Bubble formation is one of the most loved and adored decorative techniques.

This technique is spherically employed in glass art which emerged almost about 3000 years ago. In India, bubble formation technique emergence is as old as the Indus Valley civilization. However, in today’s time, many new techniques have come up and a lot of artists and glassworkers are using these new techniques for designing glass items.

These glass items include multi-colored glass vases, assorted glass beads, glass mosaics, stained glass windows, and many more. You can explore the amazing variety of glass bubble Knobs. These knobs are available in the shapes of egg, globe, and many geometrically faceted. These knobs are also available in many different colors.  

In the bubble formation technique, firstly a teeming mass of tiny air bubbles is produced and then they are trapped in between the layers of colored glass with the help of one or the other way. Most of the time, the glass in its molten form is cut and then filled inside a mold.

Finally, it is squashed inside the glass. After this step, the air gets trapped. Once the air gets trapped, the bubbles of it distribute themselves. The bubbles also multiplying themselves in the closed area. Finally, when the glass cools, then these lovely bubbles freeze wherever they are.

These give an illusion that the bubbles are in three-dimensional artifacts. This makes the glass items very decorative. Many times, the bubble effect in glass bubble knobs is created by using different substances including soda bicarbonate and by taking the help of different tools like droppers, spikes, and needles.

The flakes and flecks which are created due to these techniques give an illusion of the depth in the surrounding area. Also, the awesome frothy effect of the tiny air bubbles gives a look of serenity and balm in a living space. The glass bubble knobs and other glass hardware that are crafted out of this bubble technique come available in symmetrical bubble patterns or even the irregular textures.