Old Engraved Metal Ash Tray

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Brass Tibetan Deity Ash Tray

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Dhokra Brass Ashtray

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Shell Make Into The Ashtray

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Bronze Mango Shaped Ashtray

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Bronze Fish Shaped Ashtray

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An ashtray is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars. They are made of fire-redundant materials such as glass, heat-resistant plastic, pottery, metal, or stone. For a long time, smoking was exclusive to men only. Women started smoking somewhere in the early nineteen hundreds. They avoided the use of traditional ashtrays as it failed to reflect their feminine values. Thus, rose the need to look for typical and articulate designs. It led to a transformation in the design and shapes of ashtrays. Several ashtrays designs started emerging in these years, and today, there are many mind-boggling styles and designs available.

Today, smoking doesn't represent any sign of bad character but a habit that has become very common. Millions of cigarettes are lit every day. Smoke is said to be twice more harmful; the ashes of cigarettes cause air pollution and harm the environment. Even after it stops burning, it continues harming the environment. Each year, trillions of cigarette butts end up as litter worldwide. These butts were designed to filter out and accumulate toxins. 

Using an ashtray is a little favor to the environment and people that you care about. They are available in the market easily and are available at low prices. Several ashtrays don't even seem like an ashtray but a showpiece. With generations, ashtrays have made some progress too. Nowadays, there are ashtrays available that are made multipurpose. Ashtrays with a cigarette holder and lighter could be seen easily and are available at low and attractive prices.

To top it all, there are multiple choices and varied designs in numerous materials. Glass trays with unique artwork are available that can be so aesthetic look-wise. You may be encouraged to drop the idea of using it and use it as a decor piece of your indoors and outdoors. 

Bronze jail design, wood crafted, hot iron, and military tin containers are few other popular designs readily available. The prices vary a little, but still, they are mostly affordable. It depends on you and how much you want to spend on it, but the purpose could be served with the cheapest one. At last, you may have got the idea conclusion that using an ashtray is right for you and your family. Using it, you are contributing less towards air pollution, and you should emphasize the use of it in front of your other smoker friends.