Bone Bridge Door Handles

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Imagine how difficult life would be without door handles. It would be so difficult to open and close the doors. This door handles works as suppers. Not only this, but there are also various patterns and designs of handles which makes the home décor look more appealing. Bone bridge handle is one such category. These kinds of handles originated at the time of the early twenties. During this period, this beautiful masterpiece was crafted out of tree groves, tortoise shells, animal bones, and ivory. Mental craving which is between the bolts of the handle complements this hardware. Further to beautify the handle, it was brushed with layers of shinny wood veneers. Bone Bridge Handles give the feel of the vintage time, old fashioned street. They look classy with their amazing designs and patterns.

Bone Bridge Handles are ideal for cabinets, almirah. There is an exclusive variety of this unique style cabinet hardware which is designed from metal and bone available both offline and online The qualities of these kinds of knobs are their strength which makes them long-lasting and a style which holds the time. These bone bridge-type handles are suitable for many types of furniture pull surfaces. The finishing of these handles come in three option i.e. golden, silver and antique, You have a good variety to choose the one which looks most suitable in your house. As these handles are made from bronze so it reminds us of Bronze Age empires. Its style highlights the medieval dynasties. Thus this handle takes us back to the two ages. This modern-day decoration looks amazing. These are also popularly used as almirah handles.

The two bolts which are towards the end of these handles have been crafted in pretty designs and motifs. These designs include flower, wheel, hexagon, square, starburst, and many more. For the people who have a classical taste, these varieties of door handle work like the icing on the cake. This gives their home furniture the décor they always craved for. This is surely going to give the complete home décor a new transformation. These handles are designed very carefully and the craftsmen have paid attention to all the details. These bone bridge handles are popular as they reflect the artistry at the time of the bygone age. These handles will look fabulous against your almirah, kitchen drawers, dressing table chest, or even at the window doors. The list doesn’t stop here, they look good with almost all the kind of home furniture including bed trunks, cupboards, cabinets, and wardrobes.