Prints and Lithographs

Printed art can take many forms. Some form of art, whether sculpture or etching, has existed since at least 3500 BC. In this rich printing history, lithography technology stands out as an interesting case study. Lithography means ‘An image on stone’. Taking into consideration the simple understanding that ink like grease and water do not mix, this process revolutionized the printing industry and helped create great works of art.

Lithograph art looks unique and modern, it looks way more aesthetic and modern than normal paintings in today's time. As far as aesthetics has become an important part of decor, prints and lithographs become the perfect way to do it. It also covers a wide range of topics from normal daily life to great wars that have been fought in history.

Types of Lithography Paintings

There are four types of lithography namely Original Stone , Original Plate and ithographic Reproductions.

1. Original Stone Lithography

The design of the topic for the lithograph is straight away drawn over a slab usually limestone that is polished using an oil-based lithographic crayon or ink. When the design is complete and is ready to be etched, a layer of powder is spread on the stone. Afterwards a gum with a mild acid solution is put onto the stone. The reaction after that between the solution and the stone fixes the greasy image that is drawn with the lithograph crayon. Although, the solution ensures that the blank areas of the stone will absorb water and not the ink.

The original ink is then washed away with a solution. So that there is a slight trace of it left. Then the process of inking begins, starting from applying the ink on the stone which gets attracted to the oil-based surface. The image is then soon transferred from the stone to the sheet. After the completion of these steps, a beautiful painting is finally created.

2. Original Plate Lithography

Original Plate Lithography is different from Original Stone in the way it is made. Original plate lithography is made on aluminium instead of Limestone as was in the case of original stone. Limestone painting was very heavy to carry hence alternative came into place.

3. Lithographic Reproductions

Lithographic reproduction is not an original piece of art. An image of the artwork is taken and more copies of the same are created.

Why Buy Lithography Paintings

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