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White Ceramic Door Mortice Handles

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Golden Jaguar Bronze Door Handles

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Hand Carved Golden Brass Lion Figurine Door Handles

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Angel Boy  Figurine  Door Handler In Gold Brass

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Golden Serpent Naga Cabinet Pulls or Door Handles

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door handles also known as doorknob is a handle that is utilized for opening or closing the door. Door handles are available in different types including internal doors, exterior doors of the commercial building, and residential. There is a wide range of patterns and designs of door handles. These designs and patterns depend on its use. Many doors handle, especially the one designed for residents and offices comes with latching or locking mechanism. These door handles are very helpful in securing the space from thieves. The most popular variety of door handles are the doorknob and the lever handle. Door knobs are designed from materials like white porcelain, brass, brown mineral, wood, etc. Some of the door handles are even operated by arm-or-foot which decreases the transmission of pandemic illness like the Coronavirus.

The door handles give the rooms a finishing touch. It reflects the style of a house or commercial space. Door handles are available in pairs in the market so that the customer has handles for both the sides of the doors. Door knobs are available in different finishes as well. Ideal front door handles are designed to operate a 3 point lock with a cylinder. Handles are not just important for the doors but also for the almirah. Almirah handles can also be used as home décor and give your room a fresh and attractive look. The handles are mandatory so why not use it to enhance the beauty of the house. 

The door handle enables human beings to easily operate doors, almirah, cabinets, etc. These handles act as a support system and make the tasks smooth and easy for us. Handles are extended in shape and design and seen at the end of the doors, almirah, cabinets, and other similar object’s surface. You need a door handle for every room. Even for cabinet, you want cabinet handles. Imagine how difficult it would be to push or full the doors without handles. These handles work as holders while you are pulling or pushing hence making your task easy. 

Door handles are a vital part of today’s furniture. No door, cabinet, almirah is complete without a doorknob. These handles make the house look more beautiful and compliments the living room, kitchen. From classical vintage design to modern patterns, these handles are beautifully crafted. The handmade door handle looks spectacular and change the entire look of the room.