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door handles also known as doorknob is a handle that is utilized for opening or closing the door. Door handles are available in different types including internal doors, exterior doors of the commercial building, and residential. There is a wide range of patterns and designs of door handles. These designs and patterns depend on its use. Many doors handle, especially the one designed for residents and offices comes with latching or locking mechanism. These door handles are very helpful in securing the space from thieves. The most popular variety of door handles are the doorknob and the lever handle. Door knobs are designed from materials like white porcelain, brass, brown mineral, wood, etc. Some of the door handles are even operated by arm-or-foot which decreases the transmission of pandemic illness like the Coronavirus.

The door handles give the rooms a finishing touch. It reflects the style of a house or commercial space. Door handles are available in pairs in the market so that the customer has handles for both the sides of the doors. Door knobs are available in different finishes as well. Ideal front door handles are designed to operate a 3 point lock with a cylinder. Handles are not just important for the doors but also for the almirah. Almirah handles can also be used as home décor and give your room a fresh and attractive look. The handles are mandatory so why not use it to enhance the beauty of the house. 

The door handle enables human beings to easily operate doors, almirah, cabinets, etc. These handles act as a support system and make the tasks smooth and easy for us. Handles are extended in shape and design and seen at the end of the doors, almirah, cabinets, and other similar object’s surface. You need a door handle for every room. Even for cabinet, you want cabinet handles. Imagine how difficult it would be to push or full the doors without handles. These handles work as holders while you are pulling or pushing hence making your task easy. 

Door handles are a vital part of today’s furniture. No door, cabinet, almirah is complete without a doorknob. These handles make the house look more beautiful and compliments the living room, kitchen. From classical vintage design to modern patterns, these handles are beautifully crafted. The handmade door handle looks spectacular and change the entire look of the room.

Door Handles

Though door handles enable us to enter any premises, many started giving more importance because of the pandemic. Like no one knows when and who invented the door, the same is for the door handles. But with records of doors found in Egyptian tomb paintings, there were door handles. As long as there will be doors, there will be front door handles. The construction boom driven by industrialization and modernization has increased the need for better and more modern door handles. The increase in the demand for cabinet door handles for easy to handle and looking great also contributes to it. Check out the importance, evolution, types, and benefits of the exterior door handle.

Importance of modern front door handle

For a long time, most people spend a lot of money building a home or office but giving less importance to door handles. But it is the door and other handles at home or office that we touch and use first to get in or open cabinets, cupboards, and others. Hence people are now aware of the importance of modern front door handles and cabinet door handles. Also, the pandemic has increased its importance to keep it clean and safe. So, these modest pieces of handheld architecture have become the critical interface for our homes and offices. And only the reputed suppliers can provide in bulk these architectural masterpieces to increase the value of home or office to be a fashion statement.

Evolution of front door handles

For the past four thousand years of finding the Egyptian records of doors, the front door handles evolved many ways. From a primitive start of a leather strap, bone, iron, wooden latch, or knob to modern door handles. In Europe, by the 18th-century, houses had wrought iron lever handles. While the English house had simple round or oval handles, the French palaces had cast brass door handles. In the US, Osbourn Dorsey got the first patent for door handles in 1878. Until the 20 century, the front door handles were relatively local, with many types developed as per the specific geographical locations. They are made of many materials from wood, porcelain, glass, and others with craftsmanship as per the need and wants of the people. The architects were more than the artisans who made excellent exterior door handles for wholesale sale worldwide after the industrial revolution.

Types of door handles

With the evolution of the door handles and its importance increasing for safety and looks, there are many types of door handles now. They are from wooden grips to knobs looking like a beehive or small levers made of porcelain or ceramic. Gone are the days of using generic and cheaply made metal to high-quality metal to express people's attitude.

There are front door handles and cabinet door handles and for cupboards, desks, and others available at wholesale rates at many online stores. They get supplied in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and finishes. Now reputed manufacturers and suppliers bring to the market in bulk many types of door handles that are durable and beautiful. They make handles from brass to glass and many others to transform the home or office into beautiful décor. They also supply classic vintage, modern contemporary design, rustic, and many beautifully crafted designs in many styles. The types of door handles depend upon the material, mechanism, and creativity of the manufacturer.

It is because of it transforming the look of the house or office along with safety and convenience. A few types of door handles, depending on the material of use, include.

Wooden modern door handles

Wood door handles are in use for a long time and still the favorite as it is available at affordable costs. But with excellent craftsmanship, they have a subtle and classy look with an atheistic touch. And now getting supplied in bulk with many colors, sizes, and innovative shapes and designs, they will continue to be popular as modern door handles.

Ceramic modern door handles

Another widely used door handle is made of ceramic which provides hardness, anti-static features, and high strength. Being nonmetallic suits any environment with no worries of rusting or losing its sheen, even for a long time.

Metal modern door handles

Only the metal door handles are now supplied wholesale with anti-bacterial and rust-free properties for durability and high quality.

Glass modern door handles

For contemporary designs and elegance, it is only the glass door handles. They add shine to have vintage and classy looks to the home or office to amaze and envy the guest.

Custom modern door handles

Reputed suppliers offer custom, modern door handles of the required color, shape, size, design, and finish as per the customers' requirements. The finish can be bronze, nickel, black, brass, chrome, copper, pewter, stainless steel, zinc, etc.

Benefits of the modern door handle

Only expert manufacturers and experienced suppliers will offer the best benefits of all door handles. It may be for the front door, or the cabinet or cupboard, and others. The handles should provide the right finishing touch. Hence it has to be beautiful and strong for looks and convenience. Now door handles have become a vital part of the furniture, and with increased awareness of it among people, its market is snowballing.

It is because of its many benefits that include.

  • • No doors are complete without handles as it makes it easy to operate them and keep the property safe and looking beautiful
  • • Enables stress-free door access even with full armloads like files, groceries and other stuff.
  • • Enhances the entry of elderly, disabled, or people who have arthritis independently even without help from others
  • • Factories, garages, and workshops can have door handles between the office to avoid any greasing of the visitors and customers.
  • • Ensures optimal safety in transferring chemical and other hazards from the home and factories
  • • Door handles are better than doorknobs, as it is accessible to any complications to open the doors.
  • • Unlike before, even the best-looking door handles are not expensive and within budget for all to use them.
  • • Renowned suppliers offer fashionable door handles with improved and modified patterns, designs to give a rich aesthetic appeal to the infrastructure.

Tips for choosing the best cabinet door handles

One of the significant reasons for the rise in the door handles market size is consumers renovating homes and offices as per the new trends. And it is the cabinet door handles that are of prime focus as they help not only in easy handling but also offer a fabulous look to change the place's ambiance. Also, they should withstand the wear and tear of frequent use and provide better grip to even not slip, especially in the kitchen cabinets. Experienced suppliers offer bulk cabinet door handles that provide an aesthetic appearance with improved performance and functionality, reducing wear and tear. The following tips will help to choose the correct cabinet door handle.

  • • While renovating or redecorating the home or office, it is vital to check even small details to have the right cabinet door handles.
  • • Selecting the right supplier is vital for ensuring the quality of the cabinet door handles and their durability.
  • • Choose cabinet knob or pulls and handles that suit best for convenience, looks, and long-lasting.
  • • With the need for tens of cabinet door handles for the kitchen or office, it is essential to choose each of them separately as per the place and need
  • • Should check the material and finish to be suitable for the cabinet door handle not to waste hard-earned money

    Best place to buy cabinet door handles

    Knowing the importance, evolution, types, benefits, and tips for choosing the cabinet door handles, it is time to know the best place to buy them. Many spend a vast amount of money on building or renovating their home or office but neglecting the importance of modern door handles. It is one of the essential needs which opens the doors, cabinets, cupboards, and others. It functions more like an interface to the structure, which needs to be perfect. Only then will it be easy and safe to use them apart from lasting long. Also, it could show the attitude with the right colors, sizes, shapes, finishes, and designs.

    Look for the best B2B platform to buy high-quality cabinet door handles. Consider platforms with links with expert artisans and manufacturers, and they can supply the best modern door handles with a unique aesthetic appearance. Also, their exterior door handles are safe, convenient, and affordable as they are available in many varieties. It includes the almirah handles, bone bridge handles, handmade brass door handles, and parrot door handles.

    For more details about cabinet door handles and other modern door handles as glass door handles, closet door handles, bronze door handles, and other architectural masterpieces, search online.


Apart from your local hardware stores, several online e-commerce portals sell a wide range of doorknobs and handle suited for your practical need and personal taste. You can choose from several options on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Benzeville, Snapdeal, Indian Shelf, Green Interior, and so forth. They also offer various discounts on the already reasonable prices and ensure fast delivery to your house in times of crisis.

It is now possible to change your door handles without an expert hand. First, you must remove the existing handle by pushing its pressure release with a screwdriver and pulling it out. Then you must unscrew and pull off the door handle's cover plate. Now the screws holding the latch and cover plate should be removed along with the door latch system. Then attach the new handle to your door.

Generally, for a regular cleaning session of brass handles, scrubbing the surface with mild dish soap and hot water with a microfiber towel should be sufficient. However, in a deep clean or a tough tarnish, the natural acids in ketchup sauce are efficient mediums. Although it may seem weird, it does work in cleaning brass handles on doors and furniture.

After removing the previous latch (if any), the new latch plate must be placed on top of the latch. Then slide the latch inside the edge of the door so that the flat (beveled) side of the latch is facing the door jamb. To tap the latch in place, use a hammer and a thick, rectangular wooden block. Finally, fix the latch on to the door with two screws.

The demands of brass as a popular material to make door handles have seen a steady upsurge in recent times. However, over time they tarnish, and hence they should be taken care of. A quick DIY for cleaning is a paste made with a tablespoon of flour, salt, and vinegar and then rubbed on the handle. A microfiber cloth should be used to clean it and then wash it off with hot soapy water before rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.