Brass Hand Held Nandi Bell

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Indian Brass Temple Bell

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The vintage Bells are suitable for festival decoration and home decoration. In terms of texture, the vintage bells are handmade, composed of a recycled iron sheet. The outer surface of vintage bells is covered with a worn-out paint finish. Additionally, the gold paint is made up of a brass covering.  

For providing them a unique shade, the bells are roasted in the fire. Consequently, the vintage bells appear rustic brown. In terms of appearance, the vintage cowbells are given a rough look. For ensuring the availability of small varieties of vintage bells, the bells are being individually handmade. Additionally, to provide them with an antiquely-finished look, the vintage bells have been finished with a golden color. The vintage bells can lighten up a corner of your office or your home. The great vintage bells can be used to adorn your main door.

Consequently, you can add a royal look to your home by hanging at your main door. The vintage bells come in two color variants, namely golden and rustic brown. On its outer surface, the engravings are handmade, representing Indian floral or mehndi designs.

The vintage bells measure up to 2 inches in terms of size, while its width is 2 inches. Its surface looks extra smooth as it has been polished very well. If you are willing to come up with great gift ideas, you can gift these traditional vintage bells during weddings or anniversaries. You can give the vintage bells as birthday gifts or start a new venture on the conventional front. You can use these vintage bells as a showpiece, wall hangings, or temple bells in terms of usability.

In terms of durability, the product has been manufactured and crafted in North India by using the sand casting method. For your suitability, the vintage bells weigh up to 560 grams. Its lightweight prevents you from getting hurt. Mostly, the vintage bells are made up of brass. However, to protect its golden color from fading away, you should avoid washing it with water. For removing dirt on its inner and outer surface, you can wipe it with a wet cotton cloth. 

Additionally, some of the vintage bells are supported with a unique and strong interlocked chain. To beautify your walls, most of the vintage bells come in a glossy finish. In terms of sound, the bells emit a clear and loud sound. However, prevent the bells from being exposed to water or harsh chemicals. As per Feng Shui, the wind chimes suspended with vintage bells are said to bring fortune. Thus, you can purchase a wind chime with vintage bells as well.