Door and furniture accessories are handy to give a makeover to your old house. The furniture accessories provide a new life to old furniture. It intensifies the beauty of the old and antique furniture. Umbrella glass knobs are one such furniture accessories that are extensively used in houses and offices to give a new look to the old table of offices and homes. These knobs give a royal look to the dressers, doors, almirah, cabinets, cupboards, or anywhere they are being used. It's the best way to upgrade your house and form an excellent impression on the guests. These knobs add glimmer and shimmer in the place and make the house look spectacular.

Bring home the feel of the rainy season by using magnificent and splendid umbrella glass knobs. You can give a fresh look to your drawers, cabinets, or doors by using decorative umbrella glass knobs. These knobs are made of glass, blend with metal, steel, brass, etc. We can use them on dressers, drawers, bathroom cabinets. Without spending much, these knobs will make any furniture more elegant.

You can upgrade your dressers, furniture, or cabinets more quickly and easily with these umbrella glass knobs. Umbrella cut glass knobs are ideal for drawers, with no additional hardware required for their installation. Umbrella cut glass knobs are made of glass and metal and came in many colours from crystal clear to multicolour.


You can have umbrella cut glass knobs in many finishing like antique silver finish, golden finish, and silver finish. They came in many colours like pink, green, grey, aqua, blue, brown, purple, and many more. Umbrella glass knobs are rust free and kids friendly, so we can be used in kids' room furniture.

Umbrella cut glass knobs have an excellent finish, and they are more durable. The pattern and intricate cuts can be very well visible to the eyes. No extra maintenance is needed. You only need a wet cloth to wipe these knobs. They are easy to install, and no special assistance is required. Umbrella glass knobs come in many shapes like hexagon, flower-shaped and round, etc.


We can select a suitable design of these umbrella glass knobs according to the colour theme of our room. It gives our room a beautiful look. For different places, we can have different colours, patterns, and styles. As it is kids friendly, we can use it in our house without any second thought. It is a right and elegant way to decorate your home.