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Red Floral Ceramic Tile Hook

Red Floral Ceramic Tile Hook

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$ 25.45
White Floral Ceramic Tile Hook

White Floral Ceramic Tile Hook

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$ 16.97
Lime Green Ceramic Tile Hook

Lime Green Ceramic Tile Hook

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$ 11.31


where to buy wall hangers??

Many online and offline stores offer wall hangers for sale. Find a store that sells wall hangers suited to your requirement and the decor theme of your home. Ensure that the seller has good reviews. Check if the seller provides you accessories like pins and screws to install the wall hanger. Shopping from a store that offers good discounts is a plus.

how to remove wall hangers??

Insert a firm blade or a putty knife between the wall and the wall hanger. Wiggle the blade towards you slowly but firmly to loosen the screws. Repeat the process on each screw till the wall hanger is at least a few centimeters out of its place in the wall. When all the screws of the wall hanger are outside of their places at an equal distance, grasp the hanger with your fingers and pull it out of the wall.

how to use wall hangers??

Our wall hangers are art by themselves when installed on walls or cabinets. They can be used in kitchens, cupboards, rooms, cabinets, almirahs, bathrooms, doors, etc. They can be used to hang teacups, coffee mugs, cloths, hand towels, keys, etc. They make great accessories in Indian or South-Asian themed-homes. You can also use them to hang lightweight umbrellas, coats, etc.