The best thing about the big glass knobs is that they are timeless. They will always be in trend and will always look awesome and magnificent. The big glass knobs are been used as an element of home décor from the 20th century and till now look class and royal. To be precise, the glass knobs originated near around 1826.

During this time only the amazing techniques of molding and pressing the molten glass were invented. There is a wide range of big glass knobs available in the market. Though these knobs invented this early but became popular a bit later. In America warfare, a huge shortage of metal occurs late in this century. Due to this fact, metalworkers and locksmiths have to withdraw all kinds of supplies of metal except for the development of equipment for the war.

Now the metal could no longer be used for the home décor and decoration and then the interior designers have to look for another alternative for home décor. The interior decorators started searching for some other amazing home décor material and this leads to the invention of glass knobs and the cabinetry hardware exclusively crafted in glass. The glass knobs were extensively used by the interior decorators as the element of home décor. 

Now, coming back to today’s time, there is no shortage of metal hardware and the knobs can be designed easily out of metal but still, there is a lot of craze of glass hardware, glass knobs, and glass handles and many prefer to decorate their cabinets, drawers, dressers, doors with magnificent glass knobs. Its use is accelerating. In today’s time, these splendid knobs are popularly used accessory not just in luxury settings but also in small homes. With the competition increasing, the price is coming down and the quality is improving.

These knobs come in many beautiful shapes, designs, patterns, and colors. You can explore the antique style octagonal knobs to frosted glass knobs. These glass knobs are available in amazing and unique shapes like square, floral, melon, custard apple, multifaceted, and heart shape, and many more. For the craft lovers, the best or the ideal option would be multicolored confetti-filled knobs as well as mercury big glass knobs.

The glass knobs also come painted in metallic colors and this design also looks breath-taking. These glass knobs are also available in almost all the colors so you can choose the color complimenting your house and make your house looks awesome. It is time to redesign your home sweet home with some vintage-styled shimmer-n-glimmer. The glass knobs will help you with this.