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Nandi, which signifies "giving happiness" or "lightening one up," is the sacrosanct bull of the Hindu god Shiva, one of the main Hindu divine beings. At the point when the world gets surrounded by evil or bad, Shiva obliterates it to clear a path for valuable change.

Nandi is Shiva's close animal, his methods for transportation, and his most enthusiastic admirer. Shiva and Nandi's relationship in Hindu sacred writings and workmanship can be clearly seen in Indian culture, where dairy cultivating was the main occupation. Nandi is the result as to why all Hindu worship cows and bulls. Mostly the Shiva temples display the statue of a seated bull, Nandi, generally facing the main shrine. Nandi word came from Tamil word Nandhu.

To remind one of this beautiful relationship a perfect bronze Nandi statue of it comes in. It is pleasant to look at and a perfect décor piece for your house or workplace. Not only is it beautiful but also brings in positive energy along with it.


Nandi was born from a ‘Yajna’ performed by the Shilda and his body was wrapped in armor that is created out of diamonds. Nandi grew as an extremely close devotee of Lord Shiva. He also severed penance to become a close devotee of Lord Shiva. Thus he got a boon and became the gatekeeper for Shiva’s abode.

Nandi’s first ancient stone sculpture had been discovered in southeast Asian nations like cambodia. The most popular Nandi statue was discovered in Mysore, in the 17th century. There were many bull sculptures that were discovered in Mohenjo daro and Harappa. Even the Indus civilization were huge devotees of the Lord Shiva and Nandi.

Presently, the statues of Nandi are usually beautifully handcrafted and carved with bronze. These bronze Nandi statues take months of hard work and effort to be made.

Making of Bronze Nandi

As we know a lot of effort goes into making of Bronze statues it is so because they are created using the Lost-wax casting since it is perhaps the oldest and one of the earliest forms of casting, and still one of the most widely-used today.

At first the model is made of clay, which is later coated with wax and set into a mould. In this process the original clay model is lost in the casting process liquid bronze is filled in and then the final bronze Nandi statue is created.

The bronze will then be coated with a varnish which is a combination of acid and wax which will give the statue its rich design and glow. Some finished bronze pieces can have a greenish or yellowish tint, and at times they can appear little golden.

Why Buy a Bronze Nandi

Nandi can be a great symbol of joy and strength it can be kept at your place of worship or a beautiful showpiece because of its elegance. It is considered to hold truth and righteousness. A simple bronze statue can be a reminder to a live a right life and can bring peace to one’s life.

Indian Shelf provides numerous designs handcrafted specially for you. They can be bought in different postures and designs that suits your aesthetic. It will surely add to your homes look and will be adored by everyone. This bronze statue of Nandi Can Be a Gift for Many Religious and Auspicious Occasions.