Answer - Apart from your local hardware stores, several online e-commerce portals sell a wide range of doorknobs and handle suited for your practical need and personal taste. You can choose from several options on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Benzeville, Snapdeal, Indian Shelf, Green Interior, and so forth. They also offer various discounts on the already reasonable prices and ensure fast delivery to your house in times of crisis.

Answer - It is now possible to change your door handles without an expert hand. First, you must remove the existing handle by pushing its pressure release with a screwdriver and pulling it out. Then you must unscrew and pull off the door handle's cover plate. Now the screws holding the latch and cover plate should be removed along with the door latch system. Then attach the new handle to your door.

Answer - Generally, for a regular cleaning session of brass handles, scrubbing the surface with mild dish soap and hot water with a microfiber towel should be sufficient. However, in a deep clean or a tough tarnish, the natural acids in ketchup sauce are efficient mediums. Although it may seem weird, it does work in cleaning brass handles on doors and furniture.

Answer - After removing the previous latch (if any), the new latch plate must be placed on top of the latch. Then slide the latch inside the edge of the door so that the flat (beveled) side of the latch is facing the door jamb. To tap the latch in place, use a hammer and a thick, rectangular wooden block. Finally, fix the latch on to the door with two screws.

Answer - The demands of brass as a popular material to make door handles have seen a steady upsurge in recent times. However, over time they tarnish, and hence they should be taken care of. A quick DIY for cleaning is a paste made with a tablespoon of flour, salt, and vinegar and then rubbed on the handle. A microfiber cloth should be used to clean it and then wash it off with hot soapy water before rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.

Answer - Laxmi is the symbol of wealth, prosperity and success and is one of the most widely worshipped deities in India. She is also the consort of Mahavishnu and thus stays close to Him even in case of the temples. This is why she is called by numerous names and titles. Some of the prominent ones include the following - • Prakriti or the nature • Vikriti or one with multiple aspects in nature • Shraddha or the sincere one • Bibhuti or the supreme wealth • Surabhi or the perennial spring • Vachi or one who speaks like nectar • Shuchi of the purest one • Padmalaya or the residents of Lotus leaves • Padma or Lotus, etc.

Answer - Hindu sculpture is characterized by the recurring holy symbols and invocation of the divine powers. Thus, one finds the use of OM, swastika, and lotus flower as the true symbols of auspiciousness and invocation of the divine consciousness. Worshipping Hindu idols means that you close the door on demonic activities. However, the Sanatana Dharma focuses on two aspects of idol worship - the spiritual part and the cultural aspects. Even though the belief is that God is within you yet having an idol helps you to meditate more easily.

Answer - Many online and offline stores offer wall hooks for sale. Find a store that sells wall hooks suited to your requirement and the decor theme of your home. Ensure that the seller has good reviews. Check if the seller provides you with accessories like pins and screws to install the wall hanger. Shopping from a store that offers good discounts is a plus.

Answer - Wall hooks can hold teacups, coffee mugs, cloths, hand towels, keys, lightweight coats, and umbrellas. Wall hooks can double as decor items on themed walls too. They can also be used as small and decorative climbers placed within pots. Wall hooks can be used to hang most household items that aren't too heavy.

Answer - Get a drilling machine to drill the wall hooks into the wall. Find a drill bit that matches the size of the expansion tube provided. Drill a hole into the wall and push the expansion tube gently using a hammer. Remove any excess expansion tube protruding out of the wall for a smooth finish. Next, place the wall hooks on the wall and push the screws inside. Use a hammer or a screwdriver to further push the screws inside the wall for a firm hold.

Answer - You can use wall hooks to hold keys, coffee mugs, teacups, hand towels, cloths, lightweight coats, small umbrellas, etc. Fancy wall hooks can look like attractive wall decor by themselves. Do not hang wet items on the hooks and keep them dry always. Clean using a soft dry cloth every once in a while. They can also be used to hoist lightweight climber plants placed within pots attached to hooks.

Answer - Wet the adhesive tape of the wall hook first using water. Try to remove the wall hook as gently as possible without scraping off too much paint or damaging the wall. Use a thin blade or a putty knife to remove the adhesive tape off the wall. Gently push the blade between the wall and the tape and keep pushing the blade further until the hook comes off completely.

Answer - First, get your drilling machine and a drill bit the size of the expansion tube. Mark the spot(s) where you would drill the wall hook into. Drill into the wall slowly and push the expansion tube using a hammer gently. Cut any excess expansion tube protruding out of the wall for a smooth surface. Then, push the wall hanger with screws gently into the expansion tube. Tap using a hammer gently to push the screws completely inside. Check if the hook is mounted firmly.

Answer - Many online and offline stores offer wall hangers for sale. Find a store that sells wall hangers suited to your requirement and the decor theme of your home. Ensure that the seller has good reviews. Check if the seller provides you accessories like pins and screws to install the wall hanger. Shopping from a store that offers good discounts is a plus.

Answer - Insert a firm blade or a putty knife between the wall and the wall hanger. Wiggle the blade towards you slowly but firmly to loosen the screws. Repeat the process on each screw till the wall hanger is at least a few centimeters out of its place in the wall. When all the screws of the wall hanger are outside of their places at an equal distance, grasp the hanger with your fingers and pull it out of the wall.

Answer - Our wall hangers are art by themselves when installed on walls or cabinets. They can be used in kitchens, cupboards, rooms, cabinets, almirahs, bathrooms, doors, etc. They can be used to hang teacups, coffee mugs, cloths, hand towels, keys, etc. They make great accessories in Indian or South-Asian themed-homes. You can also use them to hang lightweight umbrellas, coats, etc.

Answer - There are many online and brick-and-mortar stores to buy cloth hangers from. First, find cloth hangers that go with the decor theme of your home. Make sure you buy from a trusted seller with good reviews. Check if the seller provides screws, expansion tubes, and other additional accessories you may need to install the hanger. Finally, check if the seller offers you a good discount. You can check out the indianshelf for the best quality cloth hangers.

Answer - Silver is a versatile and durable alternative to expensive jewelry, and it is a perfect option for everyday use. Sterling silver is one of the best products that deliver excellent results when used in its purest forms. When choosing from the best stores or in the highest-grade silver, it is one of the excellent quality investments you can make. Sterling silver is designed to be worn regularly, and even when used frequently, it will maintain its natural shine.

Answer - Hand-made Christmas tree ornaments were among the special family traditions that originated from Germany and were adopted by other nations in 1880. Children later designed these, and a large number of stores sold them to spread festive cheer. These were soon replaced by crochet or knit ornaments as a DIY solution. You can also create these using a hot glue gun and glitter. When combined with other decorative elements like popcorn, cranberry strings, canes, etc., these bring a lot of fun to your home.

Answer - The number of ornaments or decorations that you wish to hang on your Christmas tree depends on the size of the tree, its height, size of ornaments, your taste, etc. If it is your first tree or your wish to create inspiring decor, you can choose medium to small-sized ornaments. Going for extremely large ornaments will look awkward and impact your Christmas decor. Since Germans decorated evergreen trees using apples and called them paradise apples due to their representation with the forbidden fruit of the Bible. You must use a Christmas ornament that is less than the size of an apple.

Answer - Yes, many Christmas decorations made from paper and buntings, etc., can be reused or recycled. However, the ornaments made from glass or plastic or wreaths made from leaves, etc., need to be dumped away. It is often observed that a large number of Christmas decorations and ornaments suffer the brunt of usage and packing. As a result, these fragile decorations made from glass and plastic may break down. Sadly, when this happens, it is best to throw these into a garbage can. It is important to wrap the broken ornaments in paper not to pierce the bag or hurt others.

Answer - For printing using blocks, you need very few supplies apart from the wooden blocks in your favorite design. You need to use the ink pad, dyes, etc., along with the required cloth to ensure the best print. If you are using fabric, use a fabric ink pad along with a small linoleum block. When you open the ink pad, dab the block into the ink and press on the desired surface. Exert sufficient pressure to ensure that the design is evenly distributed. Traditional methods use a small line of ink on the fabric and then use it to get desired results.

Answer - Depending on the door's material, the door handles can be painted or repurposed. To upcycle these, you need aluminum foil to paint and wrap the same. It helps to protect your doors from accidental marks and problems. It is best to look for hardware that matches the personal taste in the first place, yet you can use a variety of DIY solutions to help you to redefine your home decor.

Answer - When choosing the best door handles, you do not need to match knobs and handles around the house. If you do not find one particular line of door handles to be effective, you can mix and match to get the best results. While doing so, it is important to focus on the coordination rules and ensure that the same blends well with the house. Another great idea is to opt for vintage doorknobs to make a lasting impression.

Answer - It is important to choose the right handles to suit your home decor. Consider the theme of your home and then define why you need these handles for. Then choose the design of the room in which it will be used and the type of door that your handles have. When choosing the ideal door handle, you need to consider the application to select the most appropriate type of handle. Thus, you can concentrate on the budget, type of handle design, style, and material to select the most appropriate one for your needs.

Answer - Oil lamps are containers that used simple scientific principles to work. These used a wick that used air to light up and the capillary action from the lamp helped give fuel to the fire. As the same burns, the oil at the top is consumed, used more, and thus drawn up using the wick. The quality of the wick determines the extent of capillary action and the volume of oil consumed. The wick that fails to burn uses a constantly absorbing fuel that burns instead of cloth.

Answer - You can opt to paint doorknobs. You can also paint both the sides of the hardware and within a short span of time, you can attain the best results for your old doorknobs. However, while opting for painting the doorknobs can help you to save a lot of time and money, it is also important that you must only use a light coat of paint. If you are not careful, it can cause paint drips, and therefore you need to sand down the hardware as much as possible before priming and painting. After letting the same dry up all over the night, you can simply spray paint. Ideally, using 3 light coats of oil rubbed bronze can work best results. If you need to touch up, then you need to use a bit of paint and then Q-Tip can help you to get the best results.

Answer - Christmas trees grow well in shade. However, heat dries out these trees quickly. If you have brought a tree home then you need to ensure that you keep it away from the fireplace, heat vents, direct sunlight, etc. You may wish to go as far as to lower the temperature of the room or use a specific humidifier to keep the air inside the home moist. It is also observed that Christmas trees grown in containers are stronger and healthy than their counterparts grown in a normal routine. Those that are dug up and potted again can face trauma to their roots and may survive less. For the best results, these trees should be watered regularly but avoid overwatering these. Similarly, replanting a tree into the pot without roots is not a good idea.

Answer - People all over the world celebrate Christmas with gaiety and fervor. Each nation has its own way to celebrate the big day. In the USA, Christmas day also has pre-Christmas celebrations where people decorate their homes, visit family and friends by exchanging gifts. For some, Christmas is all about sharing, and hence they share their old clothes, meals, and snacks with lesser blessed ones. Many people host dinners for close family members, and it is a time to get together and share joys and pleasures together over traditional Christmas meals. Since Christmas spirit is all about remembering Jesus Christ whom Christians equate to be the son of God and thus, they celebrate the festival as a mass with festivities going on till midnight.

Answer - Christmas has its origins in the belief that Jesus was born 9 months post the arrival of an angel to Mother Mary for telling about the birth of the Great Lord and it was believed to be held on 25 March. As a result, Christmas celebrations are devised from the late-night religious mass held to commemorate the big day and was tweaked to coincide closely with the winter solstice that is the biggest day of the season. It is also believed that the day may also have been selected as it is the pagan Roman midwinter holiday that falls on winter solstice and as a result, it is termed as Saturnalian festival of Dies Natalia Solis Invicti that happened in December close to the date and Romans celebrated the event with much joy and happiness.