A mortice lock is a lock that requires a pocket, i.e. the mortice to be cut into an edge of the door or the piece of furniture into which the lock is fitted. The brass is used because it is durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes it a very attractive option from the early on process of the door-knob-making process.

Solid brass handles are also known to prevent bacteria from spreading out and destroy germs. The fact that brass is being used for centuries for making door plates and doorknobs, the solid brass material is without a doubt a completely perfect choice to give your door handles more of an exquisite and chic look.

There is a simple solution for every problem, a wide variety of options to choose your perfect brass mortice handle that makes every door look sleek and effortlessly amazing. The strong grip of the handle makes it more of a likeable option to be chosen from than the rest, so do its other advantages, especially being very durable and resistant to bacterial infections and being a great germ killer/ resistant.

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