Radha Krishna Paintings

What dominates the world? Money, Power, influence? The answer can be any but there is nothing more important than love and what is it that all of us are reminded of when we think of love? Mesmerising tales of Radha Krishna. These are two names that one cannot take separately.

The love story between the holy Krishna and his devotee Radha, is one of the most famous stories in all of Hindu mythology. What the two shared was something unique. The couple eventually merged into one, unifying the male and female gods: Krishna represents their original form, while Radha embodies traditional female characteristics such as spiritual happiness and eternal divine essence and consciousness.

Radha Krishna paintings and artwork are deep and mysterious in symbolism, revealing the listener's expressions as if fascinated by the delicate sensitivity of poetry, the virtuosity of science and the mysterious realm. Since most of us have grown up listening and watching multiple tales of Radha and Krishna, hence, over the years devotees or lovers have started to collect their paintings to be celebrate love and life.

Auspiciousness of Radha Krishna Paintings

Radha and Krishna have always been the perfect example of supreme mystical traditions and divine vibrations. Idols and paintings of Radha Krishna are believed to bring in love and positivity and thus removing all the negative energy from one’s home.

Hanging Paintings or keeping idols or Radha and Krishna is considered very auspicious since Radha and Lord Krishna are the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Lord Vishnu, god who created human life.

Also according to Vastu Shastra, their paintings are also considered very auspicious for newlyweds. It can aid in boosting unconditional love and having a healthy relationship with your partner as well as having cordial relationships in your life.

Where To Place Radha Krishna Paintings

As the Vaastu suggests Radha Krishna Paintings are considered more auspicious if kept in the Northeast direction in the living room or the bedroom. They can also be placed in your pooja room or your mandir where you can pray and meditate.

Why Buy Radha Krishna Painting

Radha Krishna Paintings symbolise love, sacrifice and devotion and are said to bring positive energy, harmony and peace. It is said to have become the most beautiful gift to give to newly weds blessing them with an eternal bond of love and togetherness, They are also an amazing housewarming present to gift someone, which can be placed in the living room or the pooja room to wishing happiness, prosperity and good health.