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Tanjore art, also called the Thanjavur paintings by many, is a classical form of painting from the southern part of India. The paintings of this style are even more beautiful and unique than its name.

Tanjore paintings are a recognised and respected artform attracting art lovers from all over the world. This style depicts popular deities in bright colours covered with jewellery and beautiful headgears made of gold foil. The use of bright and extravagant colours and gold leaf embellishments are the main traits of Tanjore art and paintings. They are further decorated with cut glass, beautiful pearls and precious and semi-precious stones.

History of Tanjore Art

Tanjore art is inspired by 16th-century Indian art, in which Vijayanagar Rayas ruled the vast kingdom of southern India through the Governors that were called the Nayakas. The Nayaks were true lovers of art and literature. In the year 1676, the government of Marathi was established in this region and the ruler encouraged the flourishment of art and artists. It was during this period that Tanjore art greatly flourished and became popular, finally evolving into the forms and styles we know today.

Even the Marathi palaces, household were filled with paintings of deities and images of rulers. A common feature was rounded faces, eyes shaped as almonds, streamlined style of bodies, flat colouring of figures and borders and drapes were also added.

Making of Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are considered unique because of its style of making. They are made on boards made of jackfruit and teakwood. The painting commonly depicts Gods and Goddesses from Hindu Mythology painting them in dazzling colours and using cut glasses, precious stones and gold foil for decoration. This leads to giving the painting a 3D and hence a rich look.

Why Buy Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore art depicts India’s cultural richness and heritage. They also depict Gods and Goddess in Hindu mythology in one of the most beautiful forms using an extremely unique technique and hence making it one of a kind.

Tanjore paintings have been kept alive by many talented painters usually from Tamil Nadu. These paintings would enhance the look of one’s indoor space and can be hanged in the living room, drawing room, lobby or the mandir room. It brings richness to the place and brightens up the area in which it is placed. There has been changes in its style over time, but the beauty and perfection remains the same.