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Shell Lamp

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Yellow Flower Lamp

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Red Flower Lamp

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Diamond Flower Lamp

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Clear Flower Small Lamp

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When decorating one’s home, lighting plays a crucial role in decision making since a space automatically looks more attractive if the lighting is proper and it’s a cheery on top if the ceiling is decorated with beautiful looking Ceiling Lamps. Infact, even when we visit a new place, before noticing the style and aesthetics, one of the first things which is a make or break is the lighting. Decorative Ceiling lamps and good lighting would always leave a good and memorable impression on us.

Apart from being used as a decorative piece, ceiling lamps can tie up various items in the surrounding together gathering the focus and attention to itself.

Types Of Ceiling Lamps

One of the most important parts about selecting the perfect lamp is to check out if it would suit the style and aesthetic of your living room, office or even room. At Indian Shelf we provide a range and variety of designs from which you can select the right one.

1. Clear Frosted Glass Lamps Brass Chandelier -

This chandelier is perfect for entrances, hallways, living rooms etc. A Clear Frosted Glass Lamps Brass Chandelier has six bulbs giving an elegant look and along with a tinge of royalty.

2. Champagne Glass Diamond Ceiling Lamp-

This ceiling lamp has the colour of champagne and is very compact thus wouldn't take much space however would uplift the appearance of any area.

3. Retro Black Metal Lampshades-

This is made of heavy black metal with a pendant looking bulb inside, giving a glossy appearance. This would look perfect in a modern as well as a vintage looking living room.

4. Melon Lamp-

These melon looking lamps give a wonderful look and are available in a variety of colours that would fit your style and aesthetic.

5. Shell Lamp-

This handmade pearl like looking lamps are the trendiest and the prettiest and would make your guests want one too.

Apart from these there are more exclusive and exciting styles and designs on our website in variety of colours to match your style and aesthetic! It'll make your living room more elegant and beautiful.

Why Buy Ceiling Lamps

Such lamps are not only elegant and bright for your living room but a perfect gift for any occasion like a housewarming party. They will add colours and positivity to anyone's house and they would love it. These lamps are perfectly priced as well and on top of that handmade by Indian craftsmen.