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12 Breathtaking Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Modern is not always the best style to decorate during the festive season. Sometimes old is literally the gold. This Christmas too, let go of tech style modern day décor and for once, take a dip in the good old times. Let’s dig out some elements of rustic and shabby style decorations to give them space in your home. Here are twelve inspiring ideas, let’s dig in.

 1. Pearly Pastels

Hues of pastels add a subtle dreamy charm to the space. Plus their lacy creamy texture, gorgeous. Whites, baby pink, soft yellow and shades like these can instantly transform the look of your interiors. Blanket your home décor in the softness and tenderness of foamy ruffle pastels. Whether it is in the form of ribbons, cheese cloths, ornaments, lace or beads, introduce soft pastel shades in your Christmas decorations.

 2. Stockings

Why do stockings have to be hidden under the pillows, always? Why not decorate them in a way that even mister Santa would be excited to look through them. Plus a pair of old stockings is a wonderful element to breath vintage style in your decorations. Sprinkle it with your favourite baubles, marbles and trinkets to make them look even more inviting. 

 3. Jewelled Legacy

Not an overestimation, it’s breath-taking to see pearls and beads dribbling down the lush upholstery, curtains or any decoration for that matter. Dress up your house in dazzling decorative jewellery such as pearls, trinkets, chains, jingle bells, danglers and charms. Jewels cupping the Christmas trees and lipping the garlands, trespassing through the wreaths light up the home in a regal style which is hard to match.

4. Luscious Lace & Fluffy Ruffles

Just like the pastels, fabric materials like lace and ruffles too are known for their royal texture and vintage appeal. Doll up the space of your home in a style that is fluffy, floating and flouncy. Some examples can be satin tablecloths, burlap bows, ribbon wraps, lacy doily wall hangings etc.

 5. Schoolhouse Charm

Engage your guests in the nostalgia of schoolhouse with the help of wooden planks, some chalkboard paint and colourful chalks. Paint the wooden planks and arrange them on one of your walls. Draw a snowman on the chalkboard. A table dressed in palettes of lollipop candies, cookies and treats will come handy. To add to the white snowy feeling of the snowman, you can decorate it with white feathers too.

6. Pinecones, Pearls & Cotton Balls

Create a lovely landscape with bits and pieces of fabulous Christmas ornaments. Take a pedestal dish or a hollow bowl, preferably made of plain glass, stained glass or ceramic.  Fill this container with the ornaments while garnishing them with beads, pearls, rhinestones, stars and similar titbits.

7. Silver, Satin & Whites

Bring the chiming feel of vintage palaces in your living room. Glass cut chandelier, satin draperies and white ornaments are some things you can look for. As far as adding silver is concerned, the simplest thing to add is cutlery. Yes, a dining table covered in a white spread cloth and dotted with silver cutlery is as graceful.

8. Timeless Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the best ways to bring shabby style decorations during Christmas. It’s not necessary that you purchase a lighting lantern. Just a centrepiece made to look like a lantern will do as good as well. An interesting idea is to hang a lantern shaped centrepiece at your front door handles while keeping it filled with candies or trinkets.

9. Lenses for Lights

So when the lantern is without light, what shall we use for light? As simple as bulbs. This time, with a little decoration. Turn the regular light bulbs into peek-a-boo luminaries by using ornaments such as chains, stencil-cut fabric, lace and cotton. If you don’t want to go for the covering, a basic string of little light bulbs looks gorgeous too.  


10. The Tree of Treats

The decorations on the tree aren’t going to last the whole next year anyway, so why not take a chance by dedicating this year’s Christmas tree to tasty treats. The best part is, everyone loves these treats, not just kids. Some of the things you can include are mini frosted cakes, pine nuts, candy canes, chocolate squares, wafers etc. If you want to make the tree look vintage style, you can paint the greenery with white paint.


11. Boots & Roses

Life is not a fairy-tale. But what’s wrong in living your fantasies for a day or two. Boots, horses, prince and roses is one of the most loved old world themes. Take a boot and use it as a flower vase instead. Fill it with roses, ferns and garlands. For more drama, hang this boot at your entrance.


12. Garnishing of Gold

Gold is fabulously aesthetic and aesthetically vintage. Give your interiors a dip in gold with ornaments such as gold leaves, gold burlap stockings, gold poinsettias, gold leaf garlands & wreaths, and golden pearls.



10 Indoor Decoration Ideas to Sparkle up your Home This Christmas

Christmas is the time of hot chocolate, cosy cuddles and celebrations. It is loved by all. There is snow. And there are sweets. There are sparkles and lights. There are lanterns and treats. Followed by Holiday season and New Year’s Eve, Christmas is a full package of festive season.

When outdoors are all gold and glitter, add icing to the cake by decorating the indoors too with gorgeous accessories and ornaments. Here are ten such amazing ideas you can use to decorate your interior setting. 

1. Craft & Cuttings

Celebrate this Christmas classroom style. This is an idea derived from your school days where you would decorate your classroom with crayons & crafts. From a wall hanging created out of Christmas cards, to glaze paper cuttings, there are hundreds of decorative crafts you can create.

2. Mantle & Fireplace

Although, fireplace is something which lends a cosy feel throughout the winter months. However, during Christmas holidays, it smells even more special. Top it off with a shelf of garlands and a rustic mantelpiece. It will look fabulous pretty much anywhere including your house, a café, a guest house or resort.

3. DVD Mosaic Door

Got some old DVDs? Let’s bring them to use. To do this, burn hot each DVD with the help of a candle flame or gas stove. Hold them with a spatula in order to avoid popping burns. Next, cut the DVDs into little pieces with the help of scissors. Then, paste these pieces neatly on the door you’re planning to decorate. Let the mosaic dry before you dust off the excess grout. Top it off with ornaments of your choice. Leaving it bare too is not that bad an option.

4. Tech-Style Christmas Tree

A terrific idea for decorating corporate offices, especially the ones dealing in IT or tech. Select a spot somewhere near the reception or welcome area. Now, in order to create the tree, you can either use an artificial tree or a conical board as the background. Next, paste the DVD pieces on the background surface. Cover it up completely just like we do in paper mache. Paste the tree on the selected spot.

5. Unique New Year’s Calendar

Christmas is followed by the New Year’s Eve. And so, it does make sense to get a new calendar. However, instead of going for a regular calendar, this time try a unique style. A wonderful example of this is using flash cards or stick notes. Simply create a wall base with artificial bushels or peg rails. Dangle down some flash cards with greeting messages, or write your goals for the following year.

6. Organic & Nature Style

Simple living, high thinking. If you believe in this anecdote, this idea is especially for you. This year, cut through all artificial decorations and experiment by sticking to natural decorations. Sprinkle a little bit of Christmas everywhere. For instance, you can wrap your books and notebooks in eucalyptus leaves. Replace plastic napkin holders with boxwood holders. Poinsettias make up for pretty decorations on door handles and cabinet doors.

7. Red, White & Pinecones

Tidbits of tiny Christmas ornaments and blushes of lots of pinecones make up for excellent indoor decorations. Select a corner or a shelf in your house. Spread a white cloth over it. On top of it, make a spread with lots of pinecones. Now, dot it with red ribbons, balls, mini Santas and other accessories. Simple and sweet!

8. Cream, Gold & Ruffles

While many people prefer to go for the regular Christmas tricolour that is red-green-white, there is another colour palette which looks equally gorgeous. That is, gold and cream. Ruffles of creamy cloth-spread topped up with gold Christmas ornaments give a luxurious appeal which is hard to match. Even more so, you can add bursts of other colour with red or maroon stars placed in between.

9. Patterns, Prints & Pearls

Festivity doesn’t always require glitter. A sophisticated decoration looks as good as well. Purchase some decorative balls and wrap them in patterned ribbons, printed cloth pieces of scraps of dresses you might have from your storage. Decorate with rice lights, pearls and buttons. Easy and inexpensive, isn’t it!

10.  Chocolates, Candies & Wreaths

From cupcakes to marshmallows to cashew nuts and berries, you can create an edible wreath out of any dry eatable you wish to relish. Decorate your dining table with one or several such edible wreaths. Garnish it with chocolates and candies. Now, let’s see how long it lasts though!