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White Golden Line Knob

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Cherry White Striped Knob

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Black White Knob

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Light Grey White Knob

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White Orange Knob

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Navy Blue White Knob

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Red White Stripes Knob

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Dark Purple Striped Knob

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Yellow White Stripes

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Pink Knob White Striped

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White Green Knob

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White Knob Pink Striped

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White With Silver Line

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Navy Blue Striped Knob

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White Navy Blue Knob

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Red Etched Stripe Flat Knob

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Red Gold Line Flat

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White Gold Line Flat Knob

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Yellow Red Striped Knob

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White Striped Sky Blue

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White Sky Blue Swirls

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Ceramic pottery is one of the most cherished and earliest art form of potters across the globe and especially in India. Ceramic striped knobs are one such amazing and fabulous art form of ceramic pottery. These ceramic knobs look fancy and the multi-stripe on these knobs add a punchy graphic juice at your home, workplace, or the living room décor. This knob will make your room look stylish and updated and also add movement and texture to almost any room, space, or furniture. Knobs always compliment the other decorative finishing patterns of rooms like other stripes, florals, solid block colors, check boards, and many such interesting designs.

Each of the ceramic knobs has been handmade with glossy ceramic and hence these knobs carry the qualities of glassy whiteness, translucency, elasticity, and the most importantly long-lasting toughness which simply indicates that you don’t need to invest again and again on these knobs. These ceramic knobs are easy to use because of the mounting spring bolts of these knobs which are made in metal.

Home décor with interesting stripes

These ceramic door knobs come in a collection of different stripe patterns including candy stripes, rainbow stripes, hairline stripes, multitrack stripes, chalk stripes, pencil stripes, awning plaids, and many more exotic and exclusive patterns. These teeny-weeny stripes knobs can be used for drawers, dressers, cupboards, etc. These knobs will give a new look to the boring portions of your house, offices.

It will transform the room into a magnificent space. These marvellous stripes have been spiralled, twirled, and coiled in concentric circles upon pastel-coloured lustrous egg ball design ceramic, with paints of different contrasting colours. In some of the designs and patterns, spindle faceplates in the middle and other designs and patterns spindle being concealed with the particular ceramic surfaces.

The endless variety of ceramic striped knob

These ceramic striped knobs are available in many different shades, colours, patterns, designs, and finished. These kinds of knobs are ideal to be used as the elbows of the room walls as well as to make the buttony-tipped chest drawers. It is also suitable to be used in the kitchen cupboards. With the endless patterns and designs available, you can choose the one matching your interest, home paint, furniture, home décor, and many more things. You can choose from designs like Pea-green striped ceramic knobs, Lavender striped ceramic cabinet knobs, cherry stripped small ceramic cabinet knobs, green orange striped knobs, Pink knob white striped, etc.