Pink White Polka Round Knob

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Red White Dot Ceramic Knob

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Golden Dot Ceramic Drawer Knob

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Blue Owl Flat Kids Knob

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Lemon Yellow White Dot Knob

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Sky Blue Dotted Ceramic Knob

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Purple White Dotted Round Knob

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White Light Grey Ceramic Knob

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The craze of polka dots is never going to end. This swirly ceramic dotted knobs texture reminds of the outdated yet lovely street design and brings back the vintage era vibes. Ceramic Dotted knobs have the design of tiny dots randomly spread in a sea of colors.


It also reminds of antique German-style ceramics. These kinds of knobs even look amazing on wooden cabinets, besides kitchen shelves, drawers. These knobs even look good as curtain tie ends, jewellery holders, tea towel knobs. 


Ceramic knobs initially became popular from France and England. The ceramic hardware having beautiful polka dots arises from the artistry of Germany.


In countries like India, these kinds of knobs are used extensively. Many of the households and creative organizations across the globe use the ceramic dotted knob to glorify their home and office décor. 


Endless patterns and designs of Ceramic Knobs


Ceramic dotted knobs come in a variety of shapes like a round, star as well as melon shapes. These shapes are complemented with amazing designs and patterns of different varieties. Some of the ceramic dotted knobs are flat in the front knob surface while others are carved faceplates.


Mostly the knobs are finished in metallic polishes. Some of the knobs are even furnished with pearl beads at the center of the faceplate which intensifies the beauty of the knobs. 


Ceramic Dotted knobs suitable for girls

The ceramic knobs are also known as china knobs are most appropriate for women or girl’s room, drawers, cupboards, doors as they usually love these simple yet elegant designs.


These knobs are the first choice for many women/ girls. One can easily please their daughters, wife by just replacing all old knobs of their room with ceramic dotted knobs.


Splendid range of Knobs

Ceramic Bulb Shaped Knobs are simple and small elements but they give a big transformation to your home décor. To enhance the beauty of your house, you must try decorating your house with Ceramic Bulb Shaped Knobs. These knobs offer last finishing touches.


You can choose the design and pattern of these Ceramic bulbs shaped knobs as per your home paint, furniture, decoration, etc. These knobs give a smooth glossy look to drawers, cupboards, doors, rooms, etc. 


Another amazing variant of knobs is Ceramic crackle knobs. These knobs looks slightly crackled on an otherwise glazed or smooth surface.


They are available in a wide range of shapes and patterns including heart, circular, sunflower, melon, and many more. These are also furnished with colorful flowers, milky marbles, etc which add on to its beauty.