Exclusive Clock face ceramic knobs

In ancient days, to be precise before the 13th century, people didn’t need any kind of clocks to determine the function of time. In those days, people make predictions about hours and seasons only from the signs of nature such as from the sun’s shade or position, from the hotness or coldness of the breeze, and many more such methods. The first clock was originated in the early 14th century but this clock also didn’t feature any type of dial.

Ancient clocks only have chimes or a few balls. Later the mechanical clocks were invented which have dials and this was the time when clocks began to draw the eyes. Old clocks always give a vintage look and remind us of old golden times.

The wide range of clock face ceramic knob is one of the best decorative ceramic knobs and gives a vintage look. If you like and prefer vintage looks, then you can also explore amazing designs and patterns of ceramic vintage style knob.  These ceramic knobs give the raw fell of regal style. Ceramic clock knobs hold the old time for us and remind us of our old and lovely memories. These are amazing ceramic door knobs.

The specialty of Clock Face ceramic knob

The knobs like Paris knob-2, Hatfield knob-6, Potter stone big knob, rabbit clock ceramic knob, vintage clock flat ceramic knob, roman numeral flat watch cabinet knob etch have different patterns and designs of clocks embossed on the knob. All the styles and designs highlight one of the famous fashions of French clocks, the Parisian style mantle clocks, Empire style. The goodness and qualities of ceramic material are like icing on the cake. These knobs also include the spooky Potter style Weasley’s clock.

These knobs are available in an interesting palette of colors like cream, white and black. In some patterns and designs, these clocks are outlined with metallic trimmings of coppery brown, golden, and silver. These egg-shaped ceramic clock door knobs come with interesting dials, numerals, and motifs like scrolls and rabbits, which add on to the majestic fashion and even more.

These passive timekeeping ceramic face knobs might not tell the time for you, however, they will surely remind you of your old pleasing summer days alarm clock or maybe your grandpa’s vintage clock. You can even add an ambiance of time-machine or give your room a feel of the library with these ceramic clock knobs. This will make your decoration timeless.