Knurling is a diamond or line texture that is machined onto a surface. It serves the purpose to aid grip and reduce slipping. There exists a whole wide range of textured stone cabinet knobs to give you the freshest look possible. When it comes to knob types, you are given a vast range of styles and classes, such as small knobs, medium ones. The twists and turns and textures make your cabinet knobs and pull a modern touch and make it look more exquisite; these textured knobs and handles offer a unique design made by abstract art.

Knurled and textured stone cabinet knobs and pulls are one of our favourite ways to add a more demanding and edgy look to your bathroom doors or kitchen or any sort of built-in-cabinets. Compared to other more common styles of cabinet knobs and pulls, the textured knobs make it look something more substantially feasible and Morden.

Hardware is an accessory for your home. Using textured stone knobs, we get more of a tough look that can instead complement a wide range of the perfect finishing; it can be a simple way of adding more interest to an otherwise very light or dull looking space.

When looking for a unique option for cabinet knobs and pulls, knurling is always on top of our choices. The texture adds some sort of visual interest to any style of the door, be it in your kitchen or cabinets, etc.; it is an option that can appeal to a wide range of people and is sure to get a lot of heads turned.