Door and furniture accessories are important as these accessories impact the overall decoration of the room. If the furniture and door accessories are not as per the theme of your room, it will influence the overall grace of your rooms hence you need to pay close attention to door and furniture accessories. One such door accessories you need to choose carefully in knobs and handles.

Knobs and handles are installed in all your doors, drawers, dressers, cabinets, almirah, and wardrobe. All the rooms have a door and almost the furniture mentioned above hence for all the rooms you require knobs and handles. One amazing variety of handles is glass wheel knobs. These knobs look magnificent and splendid and hence will make your house glimmer and shimmer.

Glass wheel knobs come in many beautiful colors like spring green, golden, navy blue, purple, royal blue, dark olive green, dodger blue, steel blue, turquoise, olive dark, mint green, peach, blue, sky blue, purple, and pink and many more. You can select the color that blends best with your room themes. You can also purchase knobs of a different color for single drawers, cabinets, dressers. This will give a funky spunk to your dressers, drawers, and cabinets. This is the best way you can give a makeover to your kid's room. They will be surprised to see their colorful room. This way you can even introduce colors to your kids and make their learning fun.

The clear wheel knob is also a variety of glass wheel knobs and these knobs look very elegant and royal. These knobs are ideal for a dresser, drawer, cabinet, almirah as well as wardrobe. The best things about these knobs are that they are easy to install and no hardware is needed for their installation. These knobs also have a shiny and smooth finish. The knobs should not only need to be beautiful, but they also need to be comfortable to use as they are used on a regular basis. The glass knobs are comfortable to use and come in different sizes.

Another awesome variant of glass wheel knobs is the smoke wheel knobs. These knobs also look amazing and pretty. These knobs are handmade and beautifully crafted by the artisans. These knobs are usually available in golden, silver as well as antique fitting. The bolts of these knobs can also be trimmed to different sizes. These knobs are made out of glass and metal. The smoky color looks very magnificent. The glass wheel knobs are an important furniture accessory.