Christmas Wall Decor Ideas | 11 Scintillating Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

The scintillating, merrymaking time of Christmas is filled with the trinket-ing ornaments, tinkling bells and heart-warming cosiness. Plus the season of snowy winter which makes the festivities taste even more delicious. Even more is the upcoming New Year’s Eve that calls forth a pack of holidays and a good deal of fun. With ample time and umpteen embellishments available in the stores, we bring to you some of the merriest Christmas decoration ideas for dolling up the walls of your house, institution or office.


Glowing Candy Canes

In addition to the regular red and white coloured candy cane balloons, innovate your Christmas decorations by hanging glowing candy canes on the walls. From LED candy canes to glowing candy cane wall fixtures, you’ll find different things. If you can’t find a glowing candy cane, you can also use a set of candy cane balloons of different colours to decorate the walls. 

Glittery Cherry Blossoms Wall Art

Usually, cherry blossoms are reserved for outdoor spaces such as a garden however there are many varieties suited also for the walls. Decorate the largest front wall of your house with cherry blossom lights which is generally made of metal wires. 


Multiple Galleries

Create multiple sections on a wall you wish to decorate. You can do this by bordering the walls with thin ledges. Use each section for a unique gallery or showcase you have been delaying throughout the year. Photographs, mirrors, artwork, posters, souvenirs and all your favourite collections!   

Lacquer Finished Snowflake Wall Plaques

Picture a pearly gloss finished canvas topped with golden snowflakes. Lacquer finished canvas wall art isn’t just good for Christmas decorations but for any day of the year otherwise. Try black or bright red for a stupendous look. 

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A Makeshift Fireplace With 3D Wallpaper or Tapestry

If you don’t have a fireplace in your house or apartment, create one to give a feel of Christmas decorations. You can do this by using a designer and patterned wall tapestry or a 3D wallpaper with a set of berry basket or snow dusted pinecones sitting in the front.

Wooden Crates in Coffee Shop Style

Get a set of wooden crates and get them attached on your wall. Display Christmas themed sculptures, books, candles and anything you want to. If you are likely to make cookies, chocolates or cupcakes for the Christmas, you can also keep them in these crates in a covered glass bowl or tray. Apart from this, you can put a pedestal bowls in the crate boxes and fill the bowls with glossy colourful glass christmas ornaments.

Golden Christmas Tree Sculptures

Well, it may be a selection of gold dipped brooches or golden rings designed like mini Christmas trees. Display these mini trees on the wall in a scattered arrangement. Not just will it look cute but also offer a bright light visual when topped up with classic yellow Christmas lanterns.

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A Photo Wreath

Make a wreath out of your old photographs and wire mesh. Add twinkle stars in the mesh foliage. Place this eccentric wreath over the fireplace mantel or a photo ledge. You can also hang it via a giant wooden clip wall hook.

Little Craft Houses

Especially if it is a wall in your kids’ room or a wall of your study room, this is a perfect decoration for executing on Christmas. You can find many tutorials online on making these little thermocol houses at your home. Consider glitter foam sheet as the front material for a slightly shimmering look. If you cannot spare time enough to create these little houses by yourself, you will find plenty of colourful and pretty wall decals and 3D gingerbread houses in the online stores.

Golden Star Stickers on a White Backdrop

Paste a white or cream coloured wallpaper on your wall, preferably plain. If you already have a wall painted in white, well and good. Decorate the wall with a number of golden star shaped stickers. Simple as it may seem, but this gives the look no less than a luxury wall decoration. To add accents, you can add wall carvings of a reindeer head, a Santa hat or even a giant sparkling red Christmas ornaments.

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A Garland of Goodie Boxes

Club many tiny goodie boxes together and string them on a clothesline via paper clips or clothing clips. Tuck this clothesline rope or wire on a wall with the help of some sturdy wall hooks. It is a great idea particularly for your home’s outdoor wall or an entrance through which the guests enter your house.

Glass Christmas Ornaments