Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas: 13 Interesting and Cool Decor Ideas That'll Seriously Upgrade Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is the time to prep up your home decor and spruce the insides to get the perfect look. When we talk about Christmas, how can we forget the most important element of the decor - the Christmas tree. It can act as the focal point of your home during the festive season. 

Perfect Christmas tree decoration ideas

There are a bulk of readymade and DIY decor ideas for getting that perfect Christmas tree decorations. Adding this element to your holiday season will create a look that your family will absolutely love.

So, why wait - just head down to the nearest craft store and pick up the accessories, garlands, tree skirts, twinkle lights and use these awesome Decoration ideas to get the best results. Undoubtedly, this year you can have access to much more than the standard Christmas tree hanging items to amp your festive home decor needs. 

Blue Christmas tree hanging items

If you wish to ensure that you have a unique and fun celebration this season, then head over to the nearest craft store and gather beautiful and gorgeous designs in blue. You can also go for blue retro winter themes or lights or accentuate the decor using blue pieces to create a perfect combination of blue which is aesthetic and modern. 

The perfect ice looks

Going for decorated Christmas trees with a single theme is an evergreen trend. However, using blue and white combination to the tree decor means that you have a perfect snowy look with the right accents. This means that you can create a perfect mix of any share with blue to perfect the look. You can create a great DIY ornament, or a garland made from blue baubles or stocking, etc. This helps you to stay ahead of the Christmas decor ideas. 

Blue pom pom lights 

Using the excellent pom poms for the garland type wall decoration ideas. Similarly, you can use the garland decked mantels for the best results. You can also use blue, silver, green hues, etc. You can also buy the newer versions in matte and metallic looks for the right results. 

Blue Christmas Ornaments

You can also use the Christmas Ornaments on your Christmas tree to turn into an absolute stunning marble ornament. If you love the look you can use the same instructions in numerous colors.

With the blue ribbons, pompoms, burlap sacks, etc. you can create these cute striped advent Calendar that pair well with the rustic decor. You can also use the ideal Christmas tree decoration ideas along with the blue ribbons or burlap to bring a cute striped version along with gold or mismatched ones. 

DIY blue fire-starter pinecones

There is no beating these beautiful Christmas tree decorations than these fire- starter pinecones. These act as beautiful centerpieces or Christmas gifts. 

Similarly, you can create a big blue stocking or can create a variety of patterns in the same color to create customized knits. You can also choose to get them embroidered as well to ensure the right results. 

Blue colour DIY gnomes!

Amping up the style of decorated Christmas trees, bring in a sock made gnome using old fabrics and clothing. Using the strategy, you can create many such gnomes. Use a bit of cotton on the beard after giving it a generous bath in blue paint. 

Similarly, you can hang natural pinecones and decorate these with glittery blue paint, especially on the tips. Once you place these on the white Christmas tree, you have a veritable Christmas wonderland right at the home! 

Bringing unique and modern styles of decorated Christmas trees

Bringing home unique and interestingly decorated Christmas trees is an excellent opportunity to create a style that is practical and sophisticated. So, here are a few tips for achieving the best results on the front - 

Modern styles flocked trees

Flocked trees are becoming even more popular than then the existing choices available for Christmas tree hanging items. Using the artificial trees that have a hint of fresh snowfall is breathtakingly beautiful. These can work well with a ton of styles and colors. So, bring these in to get the desired results. 

If you opt to create these Decoration items, use glue gun and bathroom tile to create the ornaments. 

Be at your creative best

You can use any type of Christmas tree decorations and ornaments to enhance the overall appeal of the home. For instance, you can use copper pipe fittings and thread it with twine and hot glue. You can then place these on hexagonal tiles for getting most awesome decor idea. 

Tree collars

Another of the modern Christmas tree decoration ideas is to bring in tree collars. These can come in various styles and colors and help to give a cleaner and streamlined appeal to the base. For this you can use shades like rustic woven, hammered ones or others in metal finishes. 

Christmas Ornaments and skirts

Using a standard version of Christmas tree hanging items along with a trees skirt is an awesome idea especially if you have a snow-covered tree. You can use faux fur, silk, organza, etc. to cover the base of the tree and get the best results.

Crafting DIY Christmas tree hanging items

There is a variety of ways in which you can craft the best Christmas Ornaments for the festive season using DIY ideas and save up huge money. Moreover, using these affordable DIY decor ideas makes the holiday season even more fun and exciting. 

Creative garlands 

You can use this awesome wall decoration ideas for your home decor as well. You need to use ribbons as the garlands and achieve an affordable way to save money. These infuse a specific style to your tree

Bring in floral arrangements

This is a special style of getting beautifully decorated Christmas trees. You can use garlands made from flowers, berries and even pinecones and wrap them around the tree. Add some white tinsel to get the best results and visual appeal. 

Go handmade

You need to bring in resin, wood or polo balls for these Christmas tree decoration ideas. You can either opt for the ones available at home or can buy them at thrift store and then paint them in glitter, metallic paint, shades, etc. 

Nail paint them!

You can also create a unique shade using old nail paints and then dip these to get the stellar results.


Christmas tree is an important element of the Christmas celebrations. In 2004, Pope John Paul termed the same as the symbol of Christ as the same exalts the true spirit of Christmas making it the tree of Life. Undoubtedly, opting for the Christmas tree decoration ideas is a perfect way to celebrate the festival season. It is the right time to switch to the modern Decoration ideas that can help to refresh you for a perfect holiday season. Use the below mentioned chic ideas to get the best results for your home - • Skip the traditional elements and opt to decorate the home using cookies, ribbons, candies, candle, etc. • You can use your creative style to use gumdrops and similar delicious treats as the perfect Decoration idea. • Use metallic baubles or multihued pom poms to get the best results • Skip the tree full of ornaments and go for the simple white tree with minimal decor instead. This works well if you have paucity of time • Use berries and a few sprigs to get the best results. This brings an earthy and warm freshness to your living room • Using paper candles is an insanely chic idea that is perfect especially if you are looking for a long-term project to work on.

Using the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition that lights up your home for the perfect festive cheer. You can go for cohesive colour themes that run through the house to the beautiful, customized DIY ideas to deck the halls. • Mistake no 1 - Opting for too much bling You may have heard that there is no such thing as too much bling. However, the same is not true. To achieve the best results, you need to avoid using too much bling, glitter, etc. Similarly, using too much tinsel in multiple hues is a big mistake. The same can make your tree appear over draped and too much bling. Wherever possible, avoid using these glittery decorations for the best results. • Mistake No 2 - Not choosing a colour theme Another unwanted mistake that people commit is using a tree decorated with multiple hues and then placed in an uncoordinated room decor. To avoid your home looking like a rainbow, go for sophisticated choices of colors like white, green, rose gold, etc. and stick to the same. • Mistake No 3 - Choosing the wrong lights for Christmas tree It is best to opt for the light and set of lights that complements your tree. Wherever possible, use white light for a white tree or warm shade for green trees. • Mistake No 4 - Using too much plastic There is nothing as having the plastic Christmas decor. Period. So, completely avoid these plastic ornaments and go for decorations made of glass, fabric or even timber to get the best results. Even if it becomes vital to choose the plastic decoration, opt for something with an expensive looking finish to get the best results. • Mistake No 5 - Using too less or too many baubles We all know that nothing can beat a beautiful and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Hence, it is best to ensure that you have enough baubles on both the inner and outer branches. The same is vital to ensure that the same looks layered and classy. To buy the right baubles for your Christmas tree, go for the indianshelf store and gain the best results.

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