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What is Easter egg Decoration without some fun and creative ideas? The tradition is a fun way to come closer to the family and enjoy the best creative Easter eggs home decoration ideas. 

There are numerous ways in which you can implement the creative Easter home decoration ideas, yet the code aspect is to have fun and spend some quality time together. It is a super affordable and memorable activity that makes you to decorate a white egg with your creativity and innovation!

Going for numerous eggs decorating ideas

Going for various Easter egg designs is a creative channelization of ideas that are used to create beautiful patterns and masterpieces using twine, foil, emboss, paint, chocolate layering, etc. Moreover, if you wish to have these eggs for Decoration even after the festival then go for affordable plastic eggs that do the job well. 

1. Egg decorating ideas using dyes

Even if you wish to go for egg decorating ideas using the standard dyes, there are numerous choices that can be used to create a personalized appeal. For instance - you can go for monogrammed, decoupage the eggs or simply use them to dye these in multiple hues. 

In this series, we have compiled a list of creative Easter eggs and Decoration ideas that look professional in appearance but are extremely easy to create if done with using a few paint pens and lots of patience.

Stylish Easter egg painting ideas

This is an awesome idea where you and your kids can enjoy Easter egg painting ideas and activities using paints and watercolor. Help your kids to showcase their inner Basquiat by using these simple yet effective egg Decoration ideas. Surely, you and your kids can enjoy these creative masterpieces. You can use a wire basket to display all these creations along with a bit of cotton. This idea is surely going to bring a squeal of joy from your young ones. 

Food coloring Easter egg ideas

If you already have food coloring left in your home and pantry, then bring these out to have fun Decorating Easter egg ideas. You can go for the colour chart to mix and match colors and create an impressive display of shades and styles to enhance your Easter egg collection. This idea works well for a quick Easter egg Decoration and is quite safe for the use of young children. 

The tattoo Easter egg ideas

If you have kids at home, then you surely will have tattoos at your convenience that can be used in this creative Easter egg ideas. You can use this idea to tat up the organics, plastic and even white eggs in a jiffy. Use a bit of food coloring and then let eggs sit in water for one minute to get a pale shade and decoration. 

The Mexican fiesta

You can use the great home decoration ideas for decorating your Easter eggs. Use the supplies that exist in your craft decor to get the perfect Mexican designs and crafts. 

However, if you wish to go for natural ideas, go for red wine that acts as a creative Easter eggs decoration idea. Similarly, ingredients like saffron, coffee, onion, beet root, etc. can be used as an organic dye for these eggs.

Inter-galactic eggs

These creative Easter eggs are created using a normal coloring kit. You can also use food dye to create these. Use bright shades along with the right colors to ensure that the result looks fantastic. 

You can also use sharpie or a non-permanent marker especially if you plan to use these eggs. You can draw the above designs or can simply write inspirational words for your kids along with a small border to get the best results.

Watercolor Easter egg designs

Think of Easter eggs as your canvas made from a matte eggshell and use your creativity to paint the same using Easter egg designs. However, you need to be careful as the colors may drip. If such a case happens, bring in a paper towel and press it at the place to remove the issue. 

Using this idea, you can draw flowers, stems, leaves, etc. using a permanent marker. Let the marker dry before using small crystals to highlight the details.

2. DIY Easter egg ideas that work wonders

There are numerous Easter egg ideas that can be used for your Easter celebrations. While selecting the right idea, you need to find out the one that resonates closely with your style and home decor. Similarly, you can use ideas like rustic, sophisticated, country style or even simple watercolor ones to make the day special. 

Pressed floral wall decoration ideas

Although, it is easy to buy pressed florals in large sizes for wall decoration ideas from local stores, yet you can use the idea for Easter egg Decoration. For this, you need to have your favorite flower, clip the blooms and then press these to get the best results. You can use the flower press created from used wooden blocks.

To stick these on the eggs, press a thin layer of glue to the spot and then add a press flower. Hold for a minute before releasing. Once it dries, add more layers as per your desire or needs. 

Melted crayons

Try this unconventional egg decorating ideas using melted wax crayons to create an abstract background. Your kids will love to see the wax drip down to the egg and create beautiful shapes. So, the idea is super easy and affordable. You already have maximum stuff inside your home. If you have nail paints, dried up lipstick, etc. you can easily achieve these results.

You can cut the bottom of a plastic or Styrofoam cup to create an egg stand to hold the color. Use colors, lipstick, etc. and use a heat gun or even hair dryer to achieve the desired results. Allow the egg to rotate while you give it a makeover. Let it dry for 30 seconds before using another colour.

Confetti style Decoration ideas

Using the special Easter egg painting ideas, let us move to more spectacular confetti style effects. Here pieces of bright shades of tissue paper are cut in an abstract shape. Similarly, you can cut square, triangles, holes, etc. 

When you are done, use white crafts glue and add water to it. Using the above decorated confetti, decorate the eggs and stick using the above-mentioned glue mixture. Once you are done, let the same dry. 

Easter bunny and eggs

Bunnies are one of the staples of the Easter egg ideas. You can use the Easter mascot to create this mess free design that doubles up as the perfect table-scape. Using the idea, everyone in your family gets their own unique Easter egg bunny. 

Use felt fabric and cut it in 10 by 1 inch’s strip for the base. Then use a 2-inch-wide strip of hot glue and then secure the rest on the other end. The strip must overlap itself. This gives extra support to your bunny. Then create a headband, floppy ears, nose, eyes, etc. 

The Easter characters

You can likewise create several smart home decoration ideas using the Easter eggs. You can draw a face, hair on the ceramic eggs and then wrap these using thick yarn. It is best to work from middle to downward spiral. Use the white craft glue to stick the same on place. You can use markers, felt, etc. to create details like collars, bows, buttons, ears, etc. 

You can also the idea to wrap wooden egg in yarn. Then using the template, make felt wings, feet, beak and hair of the chicken. Glue small beady eyes to complete your fuzzy yellow chicken.

3. Unconventional Easter egg ideas

Here we take up some cool yet unconventional Easter egg ideas. For starters, use a basket and paint your eggs using brown paint or pen. Use pastel shades to draw designs. When done, detail the same using white paint pen or stylish washi tapes! Some other ideas include the following - 

Three dimensional butterflies

To make super creative Easter eggs, use these lovely designs and bring alive a 3 D butterfly. Use mod podge, floral fabric, beady eyes to create the same. On a stiff fabric, draw a butterfly and then cut out the same. Once done, use hot glue to put the creature on your Easter egg! 

For an easy task, go for hot gluing small white, yellow or pink buttons that are placed in the form of flowers to an egg. Use felt or green ribbons to hot glue the same. 

Silken appeal of the Easter egg

Silk looks awesome when adopted in the form of the wall decoration ideas. Similarly, when used with the regular eggs, it gives a beautiful charm that is totally royal and cute. 

You can also draw a tulip on a natural egg to recreate the decoration idea. Use paint on the insides of the drawings and then use a gold leaf to decorate the eggs. When done, brush off the excess foil.


You can easily use any of the above-mentioned ideas and buy accessories from XXX online store. Also, • Plan ahead • Use a theme • Submerge in a dye to colour or vinegar to clear it • Use food colours if you wish to eat the eggs

Here are a few tips for your benefit • Place eggs in room temperature • Boil and then bring to low boil for 12 minutes • Remove from stove and let cool • Refrigerate for 2 hours.