Ornate Brass Krishna Statue With Flute

Ornate Brass Krishna Statue With Flute

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Krishna is widely regarded as Lord Vishnu's eighth manifestation. Krishna was raised as the "dark one" during the Dvarpara Yuga. Lord Krishna is the epitome of divine love and happiness, and he demolishes all sadness and evil. He guards sacred sayings as well as cows. Krishna is the creator of all understanding and was born to demonstrate the religious practice of love.

  • Pack of one piece
  • Material: Brass
  • As it Appears

Posted in:Statement Pieces, Bronze Statement Pieces, Bronze Krishna & Vishnuji

  • Material : Brass,
  • Color : Antique,
  • Height : 11.00 CM,
  • Width : 3.00 CM,
  • Length : 4.00 CM,
  • Size : 4.30 INCH

Product Code: SNC-814/56504

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