Handmade Indian Copper Lord Hayagreeva Statue for Decor

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This stunning copper statue depicts the Hindu God Lord Hayagreeva, also spelled as Hayagriva, who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu with a horse head, and Goddess Lakshmi sitting on his lap. Behind them is the divine serpent Sheshnag, who is a symbol of infinity and timelessness. Lord Hayagreeva is considered to be the god of knowledge and wisdom, and his blessings are believed to bring prosperity, success, and enlightenment. This beautiful statue is handcrafted by professional Indian craftsmen, who have mastered the art of metalwork. Copper is considered to be an auspicious metal in Hinduism, and this statue is a perfect addition to any prayer room, home, office, restaurant, hotel, or shop. You can easily buy Lord Hayagreeva Murti online and use it for home decoration or as a gift for special or festive occasions for your family, friends, or relatives. This god sculpture will not only add a touch of elegance to your surroundings but also bring the blessings and divine grace of Lord Hayagreeva into your life.

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  • Material: Copper
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