Handmade Beautiful Lord Hanuman Copper Murti

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Buy a Lord Hanuman statue online from our website to get a hassle free delivery at your doorstep. This Lord Hanuman Copper statue is a beautiful and intricate work of art, handmade by skilled Indian artisans. The statue depicts the powerful Hindu God Lord Hanuman standing in Namaskar Mudra, conveying humility and devotion. The statue is made of copper, a highly auspicious metal in India, and is worshipped in many temples across the country. This Indian god statue is a perfect addition to any prayer room at home, office, restaurant, hotel, cafe, or shop. The Lord Hanuman statue can also be an excellent gift for your loved ones on special or festive occasions such as weddings, housewarmings, or religious festivals. In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is revered as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and devotion. This Lord Hanuman Copper statue is a magnificent representation of this revered deity and is sure to inspire and bring peace to all who behold it. It is a stunning god sculpture that will enhance any spiritual or religious environment.

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  • Material: Copper
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