Pink Glass Drawer Knob

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There are many of the organizations across the globe crafting a wide range of magnificent fine cut glass knobs These knobs are available in reasonable prices and many different sizes. These knobs are suitable for medicine cabinets, smallest drawers as well as interior shutters, and many more.

These knobs come in many different and splendid designs and textures which meet the requirements and varied taste of all the clients. The qualities of these fine cut glass knobs are that these knobs are light weighted, sturdy construction, and also precise designing. The fine cut glass knobs are available in many different shapes and sizes. 

The fine cut glass knobs are among the earliest varieties of the glass knobs. One of the properties of fine cut glass is their liquid viscosity which makes these as the important substance material for a wide range of motifs and patterns. One of the oldest and popular fine cut glass patterns were of flowered scrolls.

This is loved by people of all age groups. In earlier days, some of the most amazing door knobs crafted by designers comprise of a variety of pieces like engraved knobs, etched knobs, spray printed pulls, and knobs made in very colourful stained glass. On the other hand, somewhere created with pairings of ceramic, enamel, or metallic materials kind materials like silver, gold, and bronze. 

The exquisite fine cut glass knobs are moulded in many amazing and unique patterns, eccentric shapes as well as the modern designs. The wide range of fine cut shape includes tapered baguette shape knobs which look spectacular on your cupboards, dressers, and wardrobes. Some other options for the designs of these knobs are florals. Beehive, geometrical shapes, spherical balls, step spirals, faceted, and bubble trap designs.

The antique cut glass knobs are mostly clear in shapes however in today’s time the craze of colored glass has increased tremendously and people like to purchase colored glass knobs. These knobs come in beautiful colours like pea green, baby pink, turquoise, queen magenta, royal blue, milk-white, amber, green, and may more.

The cut glass provides a crystal-clear texture but the designers creatively at the centre of the spindles provide a twist to their look. The fine cut knobs are loved for their watery shimmering appearance and the people get addicted to it. These knobs are ideal for the drawers, cupboards, cabinets, interiors as well as flap-lid shelves. These knobs are also suitable for craft purposes.