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Posted By: Nikita Garg
10 January, 2022

Untreated brass and copper are the metallic surfaces that begin oxidization immediately once after their manufacturing is done. Brass and copper metals have self-sanitizing that do not allow the bacteria to sustain for more than three hours.

I remember my grandmother asking me to keep a copper jug with water besides her bed side table. I always imagined why my hometown has all door handles made of copper and brass which looked so dull and boring. But with the advent of deadly viruses and bacteria, I now have the answers to all my curiosities which I had as a kid!

We are so busy in our daily routine that we never give a second thought to the daily mistakes we are repeating many times. But the alarming health hazards now have asked us to look back at our daily bad habits.

Viruses and bacterial infections such as common cold, cough, fever, and now corona, can spread only by touching infected objects such as door knobs and door handles.

Even in our homes, all the relatives and guests touch door handles to enter our house and surprisingly we are also touching the same end number of times.

Going through the current scenario, this is very harmful and can be a carrier of deadly diseases.

Metallic surfaces such as copper and brass have been a boon since the ancient times as kill bacteria rapidly and efficiently. This is what we have been reading in the past few days because of pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

This is hard to believe but the manufacturing of brass and copper is done in different ways:


Untreated brass and copper are the metallic surfaces that begin oxidization immediately once after their manufacturing is done. Brass and copper metals have self-sanitizing that do not allow the bacteria to sustain for more than three hours.

The antimicrobial properties of untreated brass and copper have persuaded the world to increase the use of these two live saving metals on frequently exposed and touched objects such as door handles, door knobs, doors, locks and many more.

Untreated brass has the property of reacting to the bacteria and viruses once they come in contact to the surface. In comparison to Treated brass and copper which might appear shiny and appealing to the eyes but they do not react once any bacteria or virus comes in contact to them. To my surprise, such kind of treated brass and copper are available in Most Markets.!


Modern day brass products are treated with lacquers and synthetic paints witch come between its natural surface and stop these metals from performing their natural jobs.

Treated brass puts a layer between the metal surface and virus which makes it exactly same as stainless steel and plastic that is, they allow the bacteria to survive for as long as three to five days.

This kind of brass and copper objects are manufactured in foreign markets and are sold under the name of original brass products. These kind of products do not oxidize themselves when coming in contact to bacteria and virus. Infact they are the most infectious metals with the outbreak of deadly diseases.

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Door knobs are the most touched objects be it in your home, office, malls or the toilet doors. Amongst all of them, the door knob of toilet gate is the most infectious one.

Door knobs are the places where most number of untreated hands are touched on a daily basis. This calls for the need to fix brass door knobs everywhere to prevent the spread of these deadly bacteria.

The first Indian railways came into existence at the time of British rule over India. During that time, all the railing and door handles at the railway station were up of brass and copper.

During those time they were not only cheap but also had a great value in health related issues. The use of these metals reduced with the advent of steel and with their reduced use came a sharp increase in viral diseases.

As per the recent research, viruses and bacteria of different types of flu such as common cold, cough, COVID-19 could stay active for as long as 3 o 5 days on plastic and stainless steel and for up to 24 hours on cardboard.

Flu being a contagious respiratory disease infects the nose, throat and lungs.  This flu can spread much before than you actually realize its symptoms. These droplets can land in mouth and nose especially when we touch the exposed objects. These objects are mainly elevator gates, buttons, hands, knobs and doors.

In the recent years it has been analyzed that whenever a foreign body comes in contact with copper surface, they held lower down surface related hygiene problems. Moreover, our ancient history has been using copper and brass made objects to prevent the spread of any infections.

The self- disinfecting properties of copper and its alloys have persuaded more and more use of brass made door knobs and handles since they are most exposed objects. Not only the amazing property of brass and copper to kill bacterial cells, brass door knobs are durable and resistant to corrosion.

With the advent of time, manufactures are now focusing not only on the quality of the doors handles but also on their appearance. You now have a wide variety to choose from a range of door handles depending on the color and vibe of your house.

Indianshelf provide a great variety of these door handles made of copper and brass. The best part these door hands is that unlike commonly available brass door handles, we assure that all the brass products are untreated.

Thus, keeping in mind your health concerns. Though, door knobs made up of stainless steel and plastic have gained more popularity because of their shine, color and cost, but the health concerns have persuaded the people to buy brass and copper made products.

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