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5 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art Like an Interior Design Pro

Posted By: Arpita Mathur
03 December, 2021

Home décor is one essential job that people do once they buy a new house or remodel the house. It helps in making your house look homely and personal. It is not always possible to hire an interior designer to do the job. Hiring an interior can prove to be costly that will make a big dent in your savings account. Therefore, it is always better to design your house yourself. That way, you will be able to arrange the things different items the way you want. Wall art is an excellent way to design a way to make your walls look fancy.

You will also be able to express yourself and your aesthetic sense in the best possible manner by designing your house. Read the entire article to learn about some tips that will help you beautify your house in the best possible way.

1. Hang them symmetrically

Metal wall art pieces are very intricate and delicate. They will only look good on your wall if you put them symmetrically. You have to buy the metal wall art pieces in such a way that when they are put together, they look symmetrical. Metal wall art is an excellent way to show your creativity and aesthetic sensibilities. It will also help others figure out different aspects of your personality. Your home should reflect your taste and aesthetic sense. Therefore, do not give the job of beautifying your house to someone else. That way, your home will not feel like home. When you leave it, it will not make you feel nostalgic. It is the small things that you feel attached to houses and buildings. Do not let anyone take that way from you. Exploit your creative intellect and make the most of this opportunity. This time won’t come back. So, make sure you put in your best efforts to make your house look impressive. So, don’t waste time and buy metal art pieces as soon as possible to make your house look gorgeous.

2. Put the paintings and the wall art on separate walls

Do not hang the paintings and the wall art on the same wall. Your wall will look chaotic and unorganized. Hang both of them on a separate wall. That way, both of them will get attention, and their individuality will not fade away. If you are not a fan of dull walls, then you must buy vibrant paintings for your place. That way, your house will look bright and full of color. If you are confused about which paintings to buy, then pichwai paintings will prove to be a good option for you. Pichwai paintings revolve around Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and worshipped deities in India. His paintings in your house will help in spreading positive vibes and his blessings will keep your family healthy and happy. Pichwai paintings come in the category of folk art. If you are someone who has a keen interest in folk art, you must purchase at least one folk-art painting. The walls of your house are like a blank canvas. It is your responsibility to fill it with colors.

Walls add life to the house and they set the vibe of the place. Therefore, if they are dull and empty, you will not even feel like going back home. It will make you feel depressed and lonely. It is also believed that a beautiful place can have a considerable effect on your productivity and work performance. Therefore, you must consider buying some of the paintings mentioned above. They are pretty affordable, so you have nothing to lose. Just trust your creative instincts and do whatever your heart desires. Pichwai paintings are one of the most popular folk-art paintings. Therefore, buying them will help you design your house by hanging paintings that reflect your interests and beliefs.

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3. Buy different types of paintings

If you are a nerd for history, then buying mughal paintings will prove to be an ideal option for you. Mughal paintings tell a complete story about the Mughal era. They usually depict court scenes or Hindu subjects. The usage of rich colors and fancy borders depicts the lavish and grand lifestyle of the king and his subjects. These paintings are very detailed and therefore are interesting to look at. If you are a devout devotee of Radha and Krishna, then having their paintings in your house will prove to be one of your best decisions. The relationship of Radha and Krishna is adored by millions of families in India. Their love is considered to be the purest of all. It is believed that having the Radha and Krishna painting in your house will bring about a considerable improvement in your romantic relationships. Heir blessings will also help you keep the evil eye away.

Thus, hanging these paintings on the walls of your house will make your walls look beautiful. Bright and rich colors have been used in the painting that adds life to your otherwise subtle house. Therefore, it is time for you to start exploring markets and search for the paintings you love. Both these paintings are easily available online as well as offline. Therefore, you can buy them from anywhere at your convenience. Having these paintings in your house will help you create a fantastic first impression on people. It will also tell people about your interest in Indian mythology. That might open opportunities for you in your professional as well as personal life. Sometimes, when you do not reveal your interest fully, people are not able to figure out the kind of person you are.

Paintings are one of the easiest ways to express yourself without even saying anything. Your choice of paintings and your interpretation of them reveals several aspects of your personality. It is not important to paint to love paintings. You can just love and admire art and not do anything related to it. Getting an opportunity to design your place without any restrictions is a great opportunity to show people who you are. Therefore, make the most of this opportunity and make your house look stunning.

4. Explore as much as you can

Do not let your impulsive tendencies take over. Explore as much as can and look for new and unique paintings. Thangka paintings are one of the most unique paintings in the world. Thangka paintings revolve around Buddhism and the principles put forward by Lord Buddha. Buddhism stresses the importance of meditation and finding your purpose. It aims to bring peace and calmness to everyone’s life. Therefore, having these paintings in your house will prove to be a wise decision. It will help you a little peace and calm in your otherwise stressful life. Hanging these paintings on the walls is considered to be a good omen. Therefore, purchasing these paintings will prove to be beneficial for your personal as well as professional life. You can also consider purchasing tanjore paintings. They are one of the most popular historic paintings of India. They were propagated by the Chola Kings. If you love history, then this fact alone will make you want to buy these paintings. The subject matter of these paintings revolves around Hindu gods and goddesses. The rich colors and the beautiful composition of these paintings distinguish them from the other paintings.

These paintings will help you make your home look fantastic without the help of an interior designer. These paintings are easily available everywhere. Therefore, you do not have to struggle to find them. They are also pretty affordable. It is always good to buy things that fit inside your budget. That way, you will not get stressed about your lowering bank balance and will be to relish the joy of buying new paintings. Decorating your house is one of the most exciting times of life. Do not let anything ruin that excitement for you. Do not hold back and beautify your house in the best possible way.

5. Do not take advice from multiple people

It is your house so, at the end of the day, you will design it the way you want to. It should not bother you what anyone says. It is natural for your near and dear ones to give you advice, but you do not need to use that advice when setting up your house. Everyone has a unique personality and taste. You have to design your house according to your taste and preferences. Trying to imitate others’ personalities will make you lose your individuality. Don’t let anyone make you feel foolish for doing things you like.

Read all the tips given above to design your house like a pro. If you’re someone who has never been very vocal about his interests and goals, this is the time to express yourself through the walls of your house. Your house is meant to be your safe place. It’s the place you come to after a bad day at work or a fight with someone. Therefore, you have to ensure that you design your house in a way that it’s comforting and calming.

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